Federal government squandered 1 billion euros of taxpayers' money: The Growth Acceleration Act ...

In favor of the pharmaceutical industry ... does not apply: Swine flu vaccinations are not in demand. Virus failed.

Yet exactly one month before the new Bundesimpf- and Health Minister Dr. Rösler had med. A beseeching call ("Rösler calls for more vaccine") to the vaccine industry (Glaxo Smith Kline) done, but only so ramp up production so that the 50 million doses for 40 million Germans soon stood complete available: "It is important now that the industry provides the vaccine in sufficient quantities." He warned tirelessly before the looming Impfverdrossenheit and skepticism and castigated "false public statements of opinion."

One may suspect that our top Bundesimpfarzt the objections of radical anti-immunization, the alleged virus for swine flu was never properly isolated and photographed, and the various objections less radical opponents (insufficient testing of Impfzusatzstoffe, harmless course of the flu, etc.), a thorn in the eye were.

"The citizens asked Rösler to trust in the work of the authorities. 'I understand that people are confused by the many, sometimes contradictory or even false public statements of opinion, therefore they need information they can trust," he said. Reliable information around the vaccination were to be found among the experts of the Robert Koch Institute and the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut. They are globally recognized experts in the fight against infectious diseases and vaccines. "

Minister bei der Impfung gegen die Schweinegrippe

Minister in vaccination against swine flu

On 7.12.2009 then Rösler, the German Federal Ministry and the assembled representatives of the medical profession, cash and Impfinnung launched one last desperate call for swine flu vaccination according to a "summit meeting".

"Joint call for vaccination against the novel flu"
"The Federal Ministry of Health now a second top-level talks for vaccination against the new influenza A (H1 / N1) at the invitation of the Federal Health Minister Dr. Philipp Rösler took place. Minister Rösler had representatives of the German Medical Association and the German Hospital Federation, relevant medical associations and professional societies, the German Care Council and the National Association Association of Health Insurance for an interview invited (...) purpose of the meeting was to discuss together how the vaccinations of the population and can be increased of health professionals. "

And then a "wave" forecasts:
"Influenza morbidities according to experience
in waves, thus endangering the population can not continue
be excluded ". ...

ja so ist das: vom Schweinepopo aus um die halbe Welt: das Schweinegrippevirus

yes so is this: from Schweinepopo from halfway around the world: the swine flu virus

On the same day, however, that in spite of a pandemic panic fireworks only 5% of the population and 15% of the medical profession (sic) and medical professionals was known to have vaccinated!

Of the 50 million doses ordered for about 40 million Germans only about 6 million were "inoculated". The Federal countries now find themselves in a financially precarious situation again, because the doses are threatening not to be accessed, and the countries have to pay the bill. Therefore, this attempt with GlaxoSmithKline to negotiate directly and abroad "redirect" a part of the ordered doses. As a prospective Ukraine, Moldova and Eastern European countries, even Afghanistan (where you certainly nothing urgent need) talking!

Balance of the flu outbreak in Germany so far: Officially 86 deaths - of which 85% had pre-existing conditions. (Read, the patient did not die from influenza, but due to the severity of their general condition)

2.2 million doses to be now passed.

As a reminder for us taxpayers: One dose of vaccine costs 28 euros. 18 Euro we only pay for the vaccine and 10 Euro will again aufgebrummt us for the "service" "seeding".

After much wrangling with the funds that initially wanted to force increases in contributions, the then Health Minister Ulla Schmidt agreed with them that 50% of the funds (= the contributors) would take over and 50% of taxpayers.

Today, among other things, was the following message on the ticker:
Raid on the largest German Landesbank: 240 investigators (LBBW) is searched on suspicion of serious infidelity, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg. At LBBW's headquarters in Stuttgart and in ten private homes they seized documents.

Damage in the millions. As prosecutors and state police rushed mitt, there are seven current and former board members under suspicion. They should have since the end of 2006 invested hundreds of millions in risky financial transactions or to not prevent these investments. This damage in the millions had arisen.

Press preview:
Berlin ... prosecutor ... for the Federal Ministry of Health and the Federal countries invested a billion amount in a high-risk Impfhedgefond ... verspekulierten tax money due to poor care ... missed, pre-balanced to inform yourself ... only consultant Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and its Standing and enduring Committee on Vaccination and Paul-Ehrlich-Institut ... breach of duty of care ... and therefore sat on suspicion of serious disloyalty to the detriment of all German citizens from ...

Source will be given later.

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