Germany has the bomb!

Bombe (Quelle:Wikimedia Commons)

Bomb from WW2 (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

When I want to inform me of the new long-haul Airbus A400M military transporter, of which Germany has ordered 60 pieces, also available on the official site of the "Ministry of Defense", I find there to nothing, but on the very first page something else:

The reference to a speech of Federal Defence Minister zu Guttenberg occasion of the ceremony "Bundeswehr and American Jewish Committee: 15 years of partnership and trust" on 8.12.2009 in Berlin.

Quite clear: I had overlooked something.
The AJC is a private organization founded in the US 1906th So far I did not know that the Bundeswehr received official partnerships with private organizations.

The AJC looks, according to self-reported, especially in the role of "ensuring the welfare and security of the American Jews, in Israel and around the world; to strengthen the key principles of pluralism as the best defense against anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry world; to improve the quality of American Jewish life, by helping to ensure Jewish continuity and deepen the ties between American and Israeli Jews. "

So far so good. I would have understood if so there would be a partnership with the AJC and German memorials - but the Department of Defense? So I had the speech read Guttenberg, and do my best to be more understanding:

"We Germans want to keep the memory of the Shoah awake. We provide our special responsibility that we carry after the barbarism of Nazism; the responsibility that we do not tolerate anti-Semitism and that we stand up for the right of existence and integrity of the State of Israel; the responsibility to ensure that freedom, human rights and tolerance are the uppermost maxims of our actions. This responsibility is unalterable part German raison d'etat. This responsibility obliges all Germans - and thus the Bundeswehr as an army of the democratic Germany ".

These were weighty words: I had to deal more with this subject. For quite some time (since when?) Be developments seemed to have revealed that defines the German raison d'etat as a quasi congruent with the Middle East state. What could it have concrete consequences? The defense minister speaks quite clear from the fact that all Germans, and thus the Bundeswehr (? Morally) are conscripted. But no, he means it probably already concrete: It is indeed "the guiding principle of action".

An exchange program seems to be firmly integrated in the German officer training:

"For 15 years now, there is a diverse, ever-evolving continuously visit program between the AJC and the Bundeswehr. It serves the mutual acquaintance, the establishing personal contacts and the exchange of experiences.
Thus, the full-time youth officers, the participants of the German General Staff Admiralsstabs- and training and of the seminar senior management of the Staff College in Hamburg regularly as part of their travel guest of the AJC in New York. The meetings are very lively and the exchange is always profitable - I thank for all those involved. The presentations by representatives of the Berlin AJC Offices at schools and educational institutions of the Bundeswehr always encounter a lot of interest. "

And then Guttenberg is concretely again, citing the Chancellor:

"I've talked a lot of history and of the practical cooperation between the AJC and the Bundeswehr. It always about Israel. Advocating for the destruction of Israel connects Germany and the AJC on the political as well as at the practical level. Because Israel is threatened even sixty years after its formation in its existence.
Chancellor Angela Merkel has once again clarified unequivocally the attitude of the Federal Republic in her speech to the Congress of the United States of America a few weeks ago: "The security of Israel is for me never negotiable. [...] Whoever threatens Israel also threatens us. '

Having read so far, I think I can conclude that Germany would certainly explain immediately the defense case, if Israel felt threatened. The latter is well known, the case. Thus, if the defense case already happened for us and I'm so very unexpectedly, perhaps the answer to my question from the previous post detail why Germany needs so many A400M?

But do not be hasty. First read:

"Today, the military-political and military relations between our countries are so rich as never before. So each year find a 'Strategic Dialogue' at the level of secretaries as well as staff talks instead of military leadership, in which military and arms policy issues are discussed. "

Speak Guttenberg now from the United States or of Israel, when he speaks of rich military relations? I am confused. But further:

"Even at the level of the armed forces and in the practical armaments cooperation, the contacts are varied. Apart from regular exchange visits found in some areas Lehrgangs- or training visits to each other's armed forces instead. To have participated in exchange programs between the Bundeswehr and the Tzahal [IDF] since 1998 150 German trainee officers and the same number of Israelis.
Is a visit to the "Witnesses in Uniform" from the IDF of particular importance here at the Ministry in Berlin during their travel to the sites of the Holocaust. The thus grown understanding precisely combines the young officers of both armies, who meet in unprejudiced camaraderie with great curiosity and respect for the professionalism of the other. The high professional level of training the IDF makes of the Bundeswehr into an attractive partner. We want to deepen the cooperation. "

The high professional level of training? Yes, of course, He has to be meant a certain experience of war in which the Israeli army of the German yes still way ahead of. Only in this way can be a "witness", ie be a war witnesses. Just think, after all, to the two recent wars in Lebanon and Gaza, on the occasion of which indeed new weapons systems were successfully tested.

Now Guttenberg is very clear again:

"The Iranian nuclear program can be a dangerous new challenge for Israel, NATO and the EU, but also arise for the countries of the Arab world. This danger is not academic, it is real - and it is growing with every day that the Iranian government continues to work on its nuclear program and defied the cooperation.
Again, the Chancellor has been found to the US Congress clear words: A nuclear bomb in the hands of an Iranian president who denies the Holocaust, threatens Israel and the right of existence denies, it may not be continued:. Moreover, Israel is not only threatened, but the entire free world.
The entire free world is therefore required. NATO, the EU and Israel have the same interests: the impending armed Iran with weapons of mass destruction, we must resolutely confront together ".

Could it be that among the mentioned "practical armaments cooperation" and the long-haul Airbus A400M military transporter falls? If Israel would then retaliate against Iran, the new A400M could easily 5000 km to the airbase in Termez (Uzbekistan) overcome or directly settle troops in Afghanistan near the border with Iran.
Farfetched I do not think it necessarily, but because it has often been armaments projects for Israel:

Total already 5 submarines of Dolphin-class submarine went to the Nahosttaat: 1991 (2 boats), 1994 (1 boat), 2005 (2 boats): "The first two boats were a gift from the Federal Republic to Israel, while Germany and Israel the third boat each paid half. In the two other sold in 2005 to Israel replicas Germany contributes about one-third of the purchase price, up to 333 million euros. The first three boats in each costing around 225 million euros, the other two cost per a scarce half a billion euros. The price increase was mainly due to the technically elaborate fuel cell drive. "(Wikipedia)

However, the Rüstungsesport also had some critics who wanted to be feared that the 65-cm torpedo tubes could be equipped with nuclear cruise missiles. This information remains but ultimately stuck in the rumors.

The word "atom" now directs me to a whole different idea: Because yes, there is a perfect and long-standing military and defense cooperation between Germany and Israel, seems to many to be escaped (including me) that Germany has thus risen to nuclear power: Yes! Because Israel has the bomb or better bombs. There are 400-500 nuclear warheads be that now also automatically protect and this would be available, I'm sure Germany.

That was the provisional, only at first glance, surprising result of the close and trusting cooperation between the military and other armed forces and the Tazahal, (the word I did not know, but it has nothing to do with Taj Mahal!)

The more I think about it, the more increases my certainty: Thus and only thus had the joint cabinet meeting of the Israeli and the German Government in Berlin have to do, which unfortunately had to postpone to January due to colds in the last second of the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

I have to start somehow not have noticed: but in fact there are already common, "trusting" government.

We should not be afraid to make this also against the German population clearly and solemnly to reaffirm with an amendment to the Basic Law and swear by adding a new article that will need to be reflected in a new vow of Bundeswehr recruits therefore.

(Here's a bombiger Link to David Harris, AJC chairman, Guttenberg friend and volunteer instructor of the Armed Forces.)

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9 Responses to "Germany has the bomb!"

  1. Kaiserbubu says:

    Love Friederike
    A How do I find very pertinent analysis of something actually recorded in our Constitution must not be. Interestingly, more and more comes out as the government the people in military issues behind the light leads.
    Only the Kosove, even of "Jesus" "Fischer co-initiated, then" we are defending, thanks Struck, Germany at the Hindu Kush "and are immediately apparent in Verteidigunfsfall if Israel is attacked.
    And said to all Actions or better war operations or their planning as in the case of the A400M is covered up and deceived. Man trying the Constitution and the Basic Law do not hurt and it takes into account the soldiers in a grotesque legal uncertainty to Burn. (Afgahnistan, Jung, of Guttenberg)
    But the question that has to face every citizen but the, "in what kind of republic I wish to actually live" ß I Will from Germany out into the world to make war?
    I do not want that! Therefore a change in the Constitution and the Basic Law under no circumstances may be accepted. Germany must withdraw from Afgahnistan. This war is unwinnable. Israel must be compelled to solve the Middle East conflict with Palistinänsern in Verhadlungen.

  2. Jochen says:

    1956 needed our democracy an army (although the previously no longer wanted after the war) - 1957 we were given the Bundeswehr.
    Our federal government wanted to go to war in Afghanistan - it has gone to war.
    I had to learn the hard way that a German citizen for the federal government is just dirt.
    Our Basic Law has zero value. All other laws are only there to us to draw the money from his pocket and to suppress us.
    In Afghanistan an important step has been made. Man tried out how far one can go in the population to accept armed conflict, even though our country is not threatened.
    The people complained a little, you have to expect, but then it calms down again. As always! The people are stupid!
    Soon Germany will still be involved for military service forced soldiers to many other Kreigsschauplätzen.
    In such a crisis, as we have now, and is still far from over, a war will follow, perhaps a World War.
    Nobody asks us if we want to.
    Our federal government does what she wants - it does not matter what we citizens want.

  3. falke010 says:

    Hello Friederike,
    can only agree Kaiserbubu how it will fit straight into the Krahm supported or gone against to ...

    Israel's story reads like the script of a Hollywood movie.
    Quote Wiki: Still in the founding night declared Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria to the new state of war.

    How would we feel there, one would have established after WW2 a state on German soil ??

    Quote Wiki: The Jewish settlements were established in the occupied territories and may only be occupied by Jewish Israelis ....

    How can you justify this more than Questionable settlement policy?
    How can one be used as extreme and without reservation for this and created beeinfluste from outside the country, that it "victors" would not be without?
    How should it be possible to achieve peace by itself constant mixing, constant support of a sanctioning and the other in this field ?? As it is justified that Israel receives submarines of the latest generation, aircraft and A-arms and can entertain, while others are for sharply attacked and threatened?
    As it has so beautifully said ?: The world does not have to prove to Iran that it has no A-arms Merkel. Iran must prove to the world that he does not seek!
    The question is not only "I Will from Germany out into the world to make war?" -> This also applies to the USA, UK, France .... but also NATO, UN ....
    Scließlich and last at last everything will just turn to one thing: more influence, more power, more money, more power, power, ...

    This constant talk of the use for and against international law, fundamental rights, evil dictators and hostile systems Suck ... because the so-called. "Western powers" breach itself often enough against its own rules and its efforts for a just and "democratic" world. Where is the democracy the "veto" ?? Where is she, if elected governments are overthrown and influences (from the outside) ...
    Genocide, Civilian casualties, evil Sozialismuss and communism ... bla bla bla .. for many many years will vigorously geballert depleted uranium, developed newest high-tech and A-arms .... Socialist and Communist governments, other systems or even lifestyles are already eternally blocked, fought and made the enemy ... because they do not meet "our" ideas ... I can find me already wieder..ahhh

    ... Slowly and quietly all the values ​​for the "we" so woe ment will fight ever trimmed and cut ... In the name of security, the fight against terrorism

    Nah, I already mekre I let me go back, find no end and digress ... One more thing, American A-arms are located in Germany, are guarded by German soldiers on German bases ... and could with German Tornados on instruction for use
    come. (Especially as I've noticed that, still, the Allies have the last word in Ger -> Because yes, there is still no peace treaty and theory, there is still the Dt.Reich and the FRG (GmbH) manages parts of its territory with the approval of the victorious powers)

    Stop it, got back in a bad mood ...

  4. Sick Lizard says:

    Jews are only human. Not better or worse than other people. Sure, it's terrible what happened to millions of people under Hitler. Again and again gladly forget that the Holocaust:
    a) not only Jews concerned
    b) is certainly partially responsible by some Jews in well-protected positions, because:

    Weisse kill white, black kill blacks, Jews killing Jews, Muslims killing Muslims. People kill people, has always been that way.
    I find the Spezielbehandlung the Jews in the world should end slowly. Everyone is responsible for himself. Israel affords too much questionable, to the mere mortals do not glaubgaft can, the Jews were "divine" than other nations.
    You only get the impression, some people consider themselves God.
    Respect and RIP to Ephraim Kishon. Indeed, there are also people who do not take themselves and life too seriously.

  5. Berlin is telaviv reacts Washington /. so as to vassals rich
    usual ist.weltfriede by globalization + massenmord.der islam was determined
    uses now he has to go. then the Christians of all shades off?
    Prosecutors are instructed recipients regierung.unabhängige richter
    also not there.
    Judaism is related to Zionism as the Germans for National Socialists
    brain the enslavement of young Europeans by the ongoing 3.Reich
    Laundry (Knopp-history), restriction of freedom of expression in direct threat of punishment
    , unlike planned ausgehen.erst one day because of weariness
    comes the human being, then the people, then the religion.dann capital.
    400,000 check 80 million. The biggest opponents of the Zionists
    are Jews (Finkelstein / sand ...) the neo come from the same (London-mi-6) sources of Zionism.
    how could it justify its terror "good", if not "evil terror" by preserving and promoting .The fairy Sauerland bande, the
    CIA camp al Qaeda. how many are after with zion.hintergrund hisbollahraketen
    israel flown .wieviel been gehimmelt by "friendly terror" in order (if not donate) to attract parliaments own soldiers. of the
    Fish rots from kopf.auch with us. unemployed male youth can
    prima for volunteer soldiers for terror (anti) inserts motivieren.erst Afghans are kinda killed, crippled, then you will
    generous with prostheses and Fountain geholfen.das not appreciate
    is surprising.

  6. Rudolf Drechsel says:

    From German soil never a war should go out again ... "Germany
    is defended at the Hindu Kush "... and now: WAR = raison d'etat
    Way to go, peace-loving USEU government of grace ...

  7. Melissa says:

    The impending war mainly takes place on German soil.
    (Or does anyone believe that Iran ended its nuclear program?)
    Here in Germany support the nuclear bombs of Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, USA ....
    If the US attacks Iran, and the one who gets from Germany then probably the resistance from and who will be opponents of the war? Russia and China have already declared that they will help Iran.
    Here is a summary of publications in the mirror:
    Mirror Item Nr. 11/12

    Page 15


    Withdrawal of nuclear weapons

    The federal government obviously expects a withdrawal of American nuclear weapons from Germany. This is according to the defense expert of the SPD, Hans-Peter Bartels, from Bundeswehr documents relating to the new Air Force Structure forth. "

    Note .: The federal government obviously expects a withdrawal of American nuclear weapons.
    That is, they know nothing about. You will not be taught, but draws conclusions from Bundeswehr documents.

    Mirror text continues:
    "Accordingly, the Air Force will in the next decade to abandon the Büchel Air Base in Rhineland-Palatinate,"

    Note .: Who is the Luftwaffe?

    Again the mirror text:
    "Accordingly, the Air Force will in the next decade to abandon the Büchel Air Base in Rhineland-Palatinate, on the store the nuclear bombs currently; intended by the stationed German "Tornado" fighter aircraft, the bombs be worn in case of war. "

    Note .: So German Tornados throw American nuclear bombs!
    On whose behalf?
    Have we not learned that atomic bombs of rockets from bunkers in the US and submarines, z. B. to be fired by the French and English?

    What bearings as our "allies" so everything in the FRG?

    For this purpose, the mirror Nr. 10/12 p.17

    "Nuclear weapons

    Limited sovereignty
    The US has agreed to the storage of nuclear weapons in the Federal Republic during the Cold War behind the back of the Bonn government with NATO allies. This emerges from a hitherto "top secret" memo the Foreign Office of the 1981st The US had thus since the end of the fifties "with all our allies, maintain the Armed Forces in the Federal Republic, concluded contracts for the storage of US nuclear weapons in the Federal territory for the needs of these allies, without asking our permission for it." Historians estimate that in the Federal Republic temporarily more than 5,000 US nuclear weapons camped -. Part of it for the military forces stationed there by the British, the Dutch, Belgians and Canadians "

    Note .: Now we know these bombs are dropped from the Bundeswehr.
    Will now prevent American, French or Belgian nuclear bombs be dropped on its territory a country, it must bomb the BRD!

    The FRG has already proven that it without any trouble and sense defenseless civilians bombed (Kunduz) and although the bomber pilot 5 times refused the command and consists of an alert in accordance with Art. 26 of WOL, the instruction is contrary to the general rules of international law repeated 6 times and more than 100 civilians massacred without warning.
    There is no legal processing of the incident. Thus 23 of the WOL is against nature. Violated and thus taking the total liability both civil and criminal law.

    Whether you massacred 10 civilians without warning and purpose and the incident was not prosecuted or slaughters 10 million does not matter.
    You can only hang once a perpetrator.
    The example has been TDCA the Bundeswehr again almost to the day, 70 years after the bombardment of the territory of the Free State Free City of Danzig.

    The Germans as a whole liable people have again become war criminals.
    There are once again the Germans, contrary to the general rules of international law, saying: "I do not care laws. Then I shit. "
    Do you want to hear this response by a police officer or a judge? Then just ask a policeman or judge whether a warrant must be signed by a judge.

    It is not a shame if these Germans will this time finally wiped off the map, right?
    Quite soberly considered.

    To prevent this, the Free State Free City of Danzig 23.11.2007 works since the 2nd Federal Settlement Act v. Intensively on concluding a peace treaty through.

    Participation adheres so far limited.

    In max. 6 months Bundeswehr Tornados the world with nuclear weapons as long delight until someone strikes back.

  8. Friederike Beck says:

    Your comment renames many important points and actual problem areas, but is sometimes not quite strigent: Einderseits mention rightly restricted Soueränität German, on the other hand they want to take the Germans' overall adhesively "again in the responsibility. And, although there clearly are people who can be named as responsible (Case Kunduz). Guilt is always personal and can never be transferred. No one comes to the idea of ​​pan-adherent to indict 311 million Americans, because their government led with a lie a war of aggression against a country and this so thoroughly destroyed that you can not go today to a vegetable market and can be sure whether you home alive comes or is killed by a bomb. Those responsible are still alive and should be brought to the international Straferichtshof in the Hague, which deals with crimes of international criminal law. Violent fantasies against individual states / nations, no matter against whom, and whether the Germans, I would be no room on my blog actually. Nevertheless, their comments have been unlocked.

  9. Orlando says:

    to take here mal ne position against / to quote falke010. I hope I may post it here. brings secure some momentum in the debate, in which all Andren posters yes apparently previously about their worldview agree ;-)

    "How would we feel there, one would have established after WW2 a state on German soil ??"

    on German soil several new states were founded after WW2: NRW, Niedersachsen, etc ... sure that's legal quibbling, were indeed the same inhabitants will they say ...
    but there were also 10 million new residents (from present-day Poland, Czechoslovakia etc ..).
    have the Hesse, Schleswig Holstein and Lower Bavaria this takes the genocide threatened? (what they see as regionally oriented non-nationalists yes could consider). No, they have come to terms, and one or another carpenter and engineer happy about who helped them bring their shattered and partially backward area (back) into shape. the same would have the Arabs west of the Jordan also can do, then it would be there peace and prosperity. but they have chosen not to. 50% of religious blindness, 50% of them even by the Nazis eingetrichtem pseudo nationalism / anti-semitism.
    Israel can be accused, rightly, it was almost an installed artifice. but that's almost every nation on this planet. Germany is a politically-induced fiction. Bayern understand Austrians better than Low German, which in turn, dutch etc ...). such fictions, the majority of the inhabitants agrees and the neighbors will only and always on time unless more. otherwise change limits; ideally through contracts, but unfortunately often get by. the Arabs have lost to Israel from 3 to 7 times. they would simply be better off if they would come to terms with this fact, as a further to run against windmills. the areas around Israel Palestinians with the same language and culture are about 500 times larger than Israel itself. enough room for everyone. this is to support them in their bad-loser Revenge covet just revisionism, nothing else like the thought hopelessly outdated distribution types, which 70 years later is still Poland want to return. who was born in the 3rd generation in the neighboring countries in refugee camps is victims of these neighboring countries, not victims of Israel, even when you look at his grandparents as such.


    to the actual topic "Germany has the bomb?"
    it's probably at least be assumed that they from techn. expertise could make in half a year ago. the plutonium that the FRG still superimposed enough bombs for several hundred and is on flimsy research aspects for decades stored further agreements contrary to actual. obviously sees the policy any scenario that you want to keep open the back door to your own bomb. if one looks quite amoral pure game theory it is therefore right, as to any leave many scenarios in the future think where they could verbesssern their position by (so satisfied that as many other countries therefore understandable aspire to their invulnerability not third but hedge by hard facts); on the other hand is in a game theoretic risk assessment significantly less where the definite disadvantage would (image, environment ...).

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