After concrete offer Iran: newspaper DIE WELT calls bombing

Against the Springer journal THE WORLD must be reimbursed to a war of aggression criminal charges of sedition and incitement to journalistic aid. It is also understood that the sheet a complaint by the Bundespresserat must be granted because it violated the most important principle of the Press Code, which reads: respect for truth and respect for human dignity. This Code of Ethics applies from 1.1.2009 for online media.

On 3.2.2010 is widely through the media that Iran wants to enter into concrete negotiations with foreign countries, so that uranium could be enriched there. "Ahmadinejad said Iran was ready to sign a contract for uranium exchange with the nuclear powers. Low enriched uranium can be sure also brought from Iran to other countries, he says. "(GA Bonn, 3.2.2010, p 2). Low-enriched uranium (3.5%) abroad concrete terms, then (France, Russia) be brought to 20% and then be sent back as a fuel for a research reactor in Iran. This solution to the nuclear dispute had been looming for weeks, if you followed the media reports carefully.

The Iranian president continued:
"We are not against it, to send our low-enriched uranium abroad because we want a constructive cooperation and because we can always produce low enriched uranium in Iran again," Ahmadinejad said. For his departure from the current position he called "technical reasons."

Instead of this offer to respond constructively-specifically, the United States, however, go further obviously a delaying tactic - to keep other options open?

Even worse: U.S. hawks who win in the U.S. after Obama's election defeats momentum again, now demanding even more so the bombing of Iran:
World-online from 3.2.2010: Iran must be bombed, which would at the same time the advantage of carrying Obama's poll numbers, which are in the basement, to the top.
"Barack Obama should bomb Iran,
By Daniel Pipes, February 3, 2010, 12:18 clock, Barack Obama's poll numbers fall into the basement. With topics such as unemployment and health system he has failed, he has also lost three by-elections. A dramatic gesture is needed to change the public perception. He must be to destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons command. "

Something so cynical and dehumanizing end I have long ceased to read.

The WORLD is an author, a forum of a war of aggression, destruction of lives and risking a Middle East war, which could easily lead to a world war, as an effective means calls in all seriousness, to improve "poll numbers"!
He continues:
"He needs a dramatic gesture to change his public perception as a lightweight, Tinker, ideologue, preferably in an arena where the stakes are high, where he where he can take the lead and exceed expectations.
Cheap circumstances for an attack
There is such an opportunity: Obama can give the U.S. military the order to destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons capacity. The circumstances are favorable. First, the U.S. intelligence agencies withdrew their grotesque National Intelligence Estimate of 2007; that was the report, it was claimed under the "great certainty", Tehran had "halted its nuclear weapons program." Nobody (except the rulers in Iran and their agents) denies that the regime fans are loving it build a large nuclear arsenal. "

This is a lie. In the last "National Intelligence Estimate" of 2008 is to read about:

"Intelligence on Iran's Nuclear Program
Changes to the NIE process are most evident in the community's estimate on Iranian nuclear capabilities. The estimate is classified Said to be Roughly 140 pages long and includes extensive sourcing footnotes and alternative hypotheses. In terms of trade craft the Iran nuclear NIE is Said to be the most rigorous ever produced Among the estimate's conclusions are judgments are did Tehran Continues to enrich uranium for a declared civilian use;. [My emphasis] and did it is keeping its options for restarting its weapons program open. But the finding did generated the most attention what the intelligence community's "high confidence" that Iran had halted its nuclear weapons program in fall 2003. Some outside observers suggested the intelligence community what taking a preemptive strike against the Bush administration, seen as deterministic mined to rush to war with Tehran. Intelligence Officials have denied the charges.
Ever if history does judge the Iran NIE bulletproof, intelligence community Officials say They Are ready to scrap the practice of publicly releasing NIE key judgments are. NIC Chairman Fingar, speaking at CFR [Council on Foreign Relations |] in March 2008, Said The intelligence community Has Actively resisted Congress's calls for declassifying past and future estimates. "We pushed back" on most of the demands, he said. Michael McConnell, the director of national intelligence, that opposes the public dissemination of key judgments are. He Said in April 2008 he had no intention (ABC) of making his agency's latest product-in Iraq NIE update available for public consumption.

Width arguments of Pipes / WORLD article for a strike against Iran:

  • The survey results for a war against Iran are favorable in the U.S.;
    • The window of opportunity may close and:
  • "In the end they might lead an attack from an electromagnetic pulse to the United States, with whom would completely devastated the country."

An electromagnetic pulse that is. Explanation unnecessary. In any case, it must be something even more terrible than the atomic bomb, which Iran reportedly has for years-plans-will.

Who is Daniel Pipes?
Pipes is a write perpetrators, columnist, commentator for various newspapers, including the New York Post, Jerusalem Post and much more.
By his own account he is "... a member of, Special Task Force on Terrorism and Technology '(a special working group on terrorism and technology) in the U.S. Department of Defense, is sitting in five Publisher committees, has testified before numerous parliamentary committees and in four presidential election campaigns cooperated. "
Special Hobby of multiple book author are studies on conspiracy theories and verfolgungswahn like Phämomene, particularly in Iran, about which he (academic) makes fun ... and he is director of the Middle-East Forum. The latter is a self so betitulierender Think-Thank whose activity consists essentially in publicly incited. This activity is only with difficulty an academic cloak called "studies" reassigned. The Hetztank castigates tirelessly Islamism and the "threat of war" who go out of Iran. Policy analysis on Iran with serious consequences and demands can "studies" Director Pipes effortlessly make, without a single word Farsi to master. In conscious blur the Forum U.S. interests confused with those of the "single Middle Eastern democracy."

Daniel Pipes must be a "sayyan". That would explain pretty much everything. Some even in the WORLD?

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18 Responses to "After concrete offer Iran: newspaper DIE WELT calls bombing"

  1. Chuck231 says:

    Hi there,
    an absolute disgrace what these lubricating sheet allowed back there! This belongs to the index! But maybe Daniel Pipes is a Zionist and rushes in the interests of Israel against Iran! At least Axel Springer was a Zionist, which explains the pro Israeli reporting.

  2. Föhnix says:

    Oooops! Soooo bad it did not have to be the same.
    That I had with my frivolous comment to the previous post not intended: "Is there no clever villains more?" ...

  3. Jürgen says:

    Anyone who reads the world, which is already left.
    Ahmenadinedschad has made it just right. He knows that they have to bombard him and his country. The oil needs them to be removed, so it wants the U.S. government. If he does not give it voluntarily, then just by force.
    Consequently, he does everything to ensure that the American people recognize the plans of their own government to lead a useless unjustified war of aggression. This is the only way to defeat the violent elite for him and peace. Say the U.S. ASTM people must "no war". Otherwise, the whole world is fed into a third world war. I hope the American people wake up soon and gets rid of this war leader.

  4. ecco1347 says:

    I see a krimminelle association with the aim of the people through targeted disinformation and rushing (folk rushing) incite and drängen.mann on violence and war should crack down and the load schliessen.auch the bildzeitung should be banned because their inhuman goals and intrigue the Free Information by far übersteigen.da any party with this lubricating blade goes hand in hand for me is the question in the room who causes this hat.sollten intra-party managers the springer media have instructed they would have to spread lies are just immediately leave and accused these people up office ., if action is not taken against these merciless krimminelle bande, we will not forgive us later.


  5. Charlie East says:

    Obviously war is desired. Germany wants war. War costs money. War creates armor, war creates profit. War creates economic activity. War is great. Starting with the mob to the front. And finally, not so many people here and there and everywhere. Finally place again in the world. To the few countries where it is not too bad: ruins are there to build new houses on it to erichten new money on it. Profit is the soul of the Emperor. Do you need now the leader of greeting?

  6. Asset says:

    I have the article (Iran-bombing) not found on the world-online. Is there a link or has anyone saved as a pdf?
    Thanks in advance

  7. falke010 says:

    True, war is (apparently) desired .. but as you can speak out so openly for it's incredible!
    This is such a sick, mendacious and hypocritical world, it is plain sucks.
    It seems .. it is desired but no peaceful solution. Something will happen, either war or Ahmenadinedschad is "overthrown" ... sooner or later.

  8. Atschi says:

    What is going on here? That can not be true everything.
    How can you write an article such. This is bottommost drawer. Oh man where is this all going to lead.
    "The world-online" should be ashamed and fired this war driver.

  9. Föhnix says:

    Springer incited further:

    The madman of Tehran, Mahmud Ahmadinejad: Now he has plans for nuclear warheads!

  10. kutikinsusinak says:

    @ Charlie East: Does your still the leader greeting?

    Ne, eijentlich isses clear to everyone. It reads: We change it to be leaf - or so.

    However, Germany does not want war - only sometimes as a clarification.
    Mouthpieces and Anweisungsausführbeauftragte the OMF Federal Republic of Germany, the sinds. Germany has indeed all wars behind. Here you need not more (ie the German as a peace-loving nature hats anyway get it), but the other must be a national disaster open the haughty eyes, that the warlike instinct is finally satiated on a permanent basis.

    Hope Ahmadinejad remains long enough shrewd enough to allow the veil from the obvious hits

  11. Ahmet Turk says:

    This smear campaign against Iran by "Daniel Pipes" is surely
    the last one. Actually, a good sign of how much certain
    Interested parties (Zionists) are desperately in the USA.
    The aggression represents the naked weakness against
    China, Russia, and even the EU.

    If you look at airforce-magazine issue May/2009
    about "Age of active duty fleet" the PDF look it becomes clear
    America "is the dead horse"
    188 A-10 (average age about 28 years) AirForce
    276 F-15 C / D (mean age 25 years) AirForce
    131 F-15 A / B / C / D (mean age 30 years) AirNG
    688 F-16 A / B / C / D (mean age 18 years) Air Force
    460 F-16 A / B / C / D (mean age 21 years) ANG
    only 121 relatively new F-22 Raptor whose number will end at 187.
    Planned 2443 Joint Strike Fighter F-35? HA HA HA!

    Russia "the phoenix from the ashes."
    Develops along with India, T-50th Will probably ingesammt more than 400
    China is developing its own fighter of the fifth generation.
    Sebst Iran developed its own tanks, combat aircraft, yes
    even has its own space program there with even
    small but feature-capable launchers.
    Turkey is stronger and moves toward Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Iran, Pakistan and India.

    And the EU is very emancipated and more:
    2020 there will be about 620 Euro Fighter in the EU.
    If the Joint Strike Fighter F-35 project fails or is reduced to 80% see it in 2020 for the United States bleak.

    So off to war (caution irony!) So that JSF F-35 is not transferred to the vulture swooping against Iran.

    Sorry Daniel, it `s all over for you folks.

  12. Friederike Beck says:

    It's true: THE WORLD has taken the article from their online archive. Thank you for your link Note -'ve linked the article re ...

  13. Arthur says:

    Just totally sad. This double morality and hypocrisy to me is now already something of nerves of the .. the one hand hypocritical to friede in the middle east "rap" and "anti-terror masnahmen" take (nacktscanner.. LOL ...) and then country an Arab after another bombs in ground and ground (that would then be 3, within 10 years) repulse why the "evil" Arabs think and wonder about it. (And every time unjustified) The warmongers know for sure what kind of response of the Arabs their actions will trigger is clear, ergo, the anti-terror measures and peace are pure hypocrisy.

    Recommended - Neil Postman's book in which he describes how the war with Iraq long before 9/11 on the agenda of the conservative state.

  14. Gimpel says:

    What is a "sayyan"?

  15. Friederike Beck says:

    Bullfinch: Please Hoods. It also needs something to stay for you! :))

  16. Hans Ruedi Schnider says:

    Good day

    I glaunbe this article would suffice for a complaint against

    Wed Sincerely,

    Hansrued Schnider

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