Balancing act in Kopp-online news

Honestly, I had been looking forward about the coup: since 1.6. 2010, there are from the Kopp-Verlag online once daily news : read by Eva Hermann - because you could be really nostalgic. And the first day I was also happy - really news that you usually do not find so easily. This is sorely needed in Germany, the most ill-informed country in the Western Hemisphere, where opinion is constantly confused with message that official messages consist of disjointed snippets of info and everyone who wants to receive information, in any case, must consult foreign media.

But on the fourth day of the "bereavement": Eva Hermann announced the Gaza aid flotilla was led by a boat of a Turkish "terrorist organization", the "IHH". This got the "confirmed Dutch secret service." "Renowned Danish Institute for International Studies" and the

I looked even know where this "news" because came from and came across Kopp-author Udo Ulfkotte, who is known that he likes and often etched against Islam, but also opponents must admit repeatedly that his statements usually well documented are.

First, it is surprising that Ulfkotte has no word of sympathy for the oppressed population of the blockaded Gaza Strip. The humanitarian situation there is intolerable, the Israeli blockade illegal about it there is no international agree completely. Gift!

So was now actually once again a self-defense situation, which is why the fleet stopped and a few passengers - unfortunately, unfortunately, - had to be shot?

Ulfkotte leads for the alleged terrorist background of Turkish charity the "prestigious" Danish Institute at. Unfortunately, you can, however, whose publications you look at yourself, discover independence of nothing, which is why the opinion of the Institute and should not be treated as a "message". Rather, the Copenhagen study tank seems like an anachronistic hawkish front organization of the Bush era.

From the pen of Studieninstitus so flowing valuable titles such as "Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Response to a challenge" - just as it would the lies not so in the run-up to the Iraq war or "Terroismus and the return of the Just War: American order as . global order "(Terrorism and the return of just was: American order as world order). Strong!

So Ulfkotte takes a "study" of that institution as a message: Evan F. Kohlmann A certain it comes to the conclusion that about 1/3 of all charitable non-governmental organizations in the Muslim world financing terror. Kohl's study is at the outset great brash the fact that terrorism against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan was lifted by the U.S. intelligence agencies from the baptism, which the then U.S. Secretary of State Brzezinski had also added quite frankly.

Kohlmann, a "terrorism expert", it could just as well "intelligence expert" call, because that is his homeland and origin. So he is working by his own admission with intelligence together that he trains on this subject, in particular with the FBI, the NSC (National Security Council), the Department of Homeland Security, etc.

"Studies" from this corner should probably be taken with extreme caution and better disinfected once and handled with tweezers, not rashly but sold as "news".

In Turkey there is a different version of it incidentally, was why the Ulfkotte of a "terrorist group" maligned NGO "IHH" once the Turkish government not well written: Because of their support of the Kurds. Since the official knows Turkey well known, not fun.

The Danish "Study Institute" perpetuates course, the myth of Bin Laden in connection with 9/11 and unfortunately is not on the current state of knowledge on this subject. Looking at the list of recent publications, so one might suspect, the "prestigious" institution suffer Mythomania, ie a unrettbaren, manic compulsion to invent tall tales and weave: "In the name of God. U.S. war against terrorism. The story of the Afghan veterans as the mastermind behind the 9/11 ".

In the (English-speaking) public is, however, long been discussed openly, that the Taliban are U.S. funded and also discusses the motives for it. This topic was introduced by the British Guardian on 25.5.2010. (If you want to learn more, this can link click on the topic).

I got scared 'me (when I realized that it was serious), what I do. Ulfkotte New Today from the raid on the Gaza aid flotilla read Terrorist activists had spent the enter ligand soldiers below deck, tortured them and broken their bones; and then there is this set "sound track" The activists have called "Jews back to Auschwitz." My God!

I come across another interesting Kopp video: "Child abuse in Afghanistan." This Ulfkotte also comes to word. It will however be more subtle issue is a documentary of the Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi. He had managed to interfere in Afghanistan among those persons who operate and organize "bacha bazi"; ie men looking underage, pretty boys, they talk from the impoverished parents and train them to dancing prostitutes. The documentary was in ABC1 under the title "The warlords' tune. The dancing boys of Aghanistan "aired.

Ulfkotte now reports of this documentary and the phenomenon of "bacha bazi" as a widespread and widely accepted practice. As I said, it's more subtle in this video. It's about the slight shift of accents. First of all, the war would have to be denounced, he is the first cause of poverty, destruction and violence that particularly meets the kids. But the war in Afghanistan have neither the Muslim world in itself, nor Islam, nor the Afghans to answer. The trend is even more annoying than a month since abuse scandal after another, the "clean" Western, Christian dominated world shakes; without Islam and atavistic states our society has tolerated this.

Says there is, however, if Ulfkotte (the first sentence of the documentary by Najibullah Quraishi here Trailer not) above, which reads: "In a country [Afghanistan], which was verwüstetet of war for decades, has been secretly revived a tradition again, which had been banned by the Taliban! "

Yes, this decisive sentence does not fit the Islam-critical picture: The "radical Islamic" Taliban had banned the repulsive pedophile sex-and-dance parties. And something else had the Taliban banned and had been commended for his time even by the U.S. government: the cultivation of opium. But that was BEFORE NATO's war against Afghanistan ...

I will probably visit the KOPP news and background information on - if only because KOPP with the post by Gerhard Wisneswki to the attack on the Free Gaza Hifstransport brings a completely contrary opinion. A real balancing act!

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13 Responses to "balancing act at Kopp Online News"

  1. Föhnix says:

    Bravo! The article hits the nail on the head again präszise.

    When Kopp-Verlag find good, serious authors, as Engdahl or Wisnewski, even Elässer writes there occasionally. And contrary to the politically correct mainstream I would of course also include Eva Hermann them. But the extraordinary perspectives of Andreas von Rétyi or Armin Risi can I abgewinnen something.

    Maybe it's the price unusually liberal Verlegertums or the result of a skillful market niche strategy. Anyway, through the neighborhood to questionable authors such Ulfkotte or Grandt brothers visits I've always gives an unpleasant aftertaste in the Kopp-Verlag, until I finally visited the site less and less. I love it there just not fun anymore.

    And I can not deny Ulfkotte and many of his articles has pleasantly surprised me the journalistic skill. He is smart, intelligent and - which he can score on television in particular - very treatable. But he's just a chalk eater and as a Trojan horse of transatlantic networkers often imperceptibly he pursues an arch-conservative and almost limitless pro-US agenda.

    But he also just creates fear and stoking hatred, of course, only for a good cause, to save the "Judeo-Christian culture of Europe" ...

    I have it in any case largely given up to me to spread links to (also very good) Kopp articles, because this could indirectly benefit these moles.

  2. C3PO says:

    Yeah, I do this, well I would say dilemma also noticed.
    Once Gee and once hot.
    Thus, I agree with this article 100% to.

    But what it would be an embarrassment for the Kopp-Verlag, when would dominate exhibit some point, that's not the well-informed, subjective and investigative journalist Ulfkotte the Lord, for you hold it. Instead of; well by whomever; paid for it like "reports" to publish.
    Occasionally I have nähmlich the impression that he is a little "TOO GOOD" informed for a free independent author.
    Let's see what the future brings us as yet.
    Nevertheless, the Kopp-Verlag is still a very good means of alternative information gathering!

  3. Föhnix says:

    @ C3PO
    "Occasionally I have nähmlich the impression that he is a little" TOO GOOD "informed for a free independent author."

    Well that's no wonder, he nevertheless generally regarded as the "intelligence expert" - which may also mean the ...

  4. Freigeist2.0 says:

    Hello to all,

    very nice article. I read for about 2 years at KOPP article and am on many occasions over Ulfkotte effusions stumbled. I can only wonder how Ulfkotte is reproduced so unthinkingly. I also think he's a mole.


  5. joe says:

    exactly what I thought it would've been glad about the report that comes to me also all a bit mysterious ago by kopp verlag
    that the afford such a panne

    and thanks again very impressive for the report :-)

  6. In fact, very strange what is running on the Kopp page.

    Wisnewski writes virtually simultaneously the smooth refutation Ulfkotte.

    Did you, Friederike that Gryerzer cheese just about the most terrible thing is what you could eat, and I praised this, so would it be reliably and simply a matter of taste for funny argue about (because if you wanted to spend the leisure to do) as höchliche delicacy.

    Here, however, the matter is quite different.

    Therefore, great, that You have so clearly; and also thanks to Foehnix and C3PO!

  7. Moenroe says:

    exactly what I thought it would've been glad about the report that comes to me also all a bit mysterious ago by kopp verlag
    that the afford such a panne

    and thanks again very impressive for the report :-)

  8. minimi says:

    Föhnix says: "When Kopp-Verlag find good, serious authors, as Engdahl or Wisnewski"

    Ouch, so really, Engdahl increasingly serious? Have you ever seen his website? Engdahl is full of unreflected copy & paste statements!
    He further from Dess with some theories ala Alex Jones really a wheel!

    Fortunately, such articles are in the minority at Kopp!

    The new video messages are currently the best that can be seen in the German-speaking countries!
    As might ARD, ZDF, N-tv, N24, etc ... ne time slice of cut!

  9. Yes, Kopp messages belong to my daily source of information. The fact that there also must not believe everything is - I think - clear. But that is the mass media no different.

    The newspapers everywhere complain about slumping sales. If you want to find back again to investigative journalism it yet, according to the model of Kopp messages. Then I would immediately spend money on it.

  10. Winfried Voigt says:

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I would like to thank you for your work. A few weeks ago I came across your pages because a friend of mine has given the necessary addresses.
    Now I can no longer be without your information. So far I used international broadcaster, so I'm not just rely on our media.
    The most important years of my life I spent in the GDR. I still learned the profession of a steam fitter. Over several activities in the production, I still managed by a degree from the Technical University of Ilmenau head of a small operation the metal industry my 65 employees.
    Since my youth, I am interested in political backgrounds and contexts. Today, it fills me with satisfaction when my views based on my modest knowledge of your experienced journalists and professors are confirmed.
    Because I've lived in the GDR and gave my power of this social order, I ask the question about the meaning of these years. Along with is the question of the future form or order of human coexistence.
    Very interesting are the explanations and future designs of Prof. Dr. Heinz Dieterich.
    The statements about the socialism of the 21st century will be based on conclusions in my experienced socialism. Still, I miss the work-up of serious
    acquiring independent intellectuals who do not work on behalf of retrogressive forces. The entire life in the GDR and the services provided there of historical importance are demonized loudly and constantly while. The leftists are very divided in retrospect and therefore can not design future models.
    Straight from today's perspective, the question must already be permitted where all the wealth of the old FRG came to be lodged in the window to the east and the fascinated not only the people of the GDR so?

    Who wants to argue with me?

    I wish you all a successful 2011 and much Gsundheit

  11. Herman says:

    Today in the video news: There, the talk of "anarchy and chaos" in Egypt .. which should probably be called "anomie and chaos." How does the editorial "open eyes" which if they do not even know this striking difference? Embarrassing, very embarrassing!

  12. Johann Eike says:

    Dear Mrs. Beck,

    respect, I agree with your analysis to Ulfkotte and Kopp - I like how you do wonderfully differentiated - to be welcomed Kopp news, but also I like Ulfkotte gradezu fanatical campaign against Islam not. Las grade his latest work this on Kopp-online: (Che Guevara, etc.) - he called there in gradezu manic way founder of the religion Mohammed as a mass murderer - that's not in the spirit of Goethe, of the West-Eastern Divan, who is my guiding star here .

  13. Fatima Özoguz says:

    Dear Mrs. Beck

    I hear you on the blog of Jürgen Elsässer, hence my later comment. In Ulfkotte it surprised honestly speaking not a piece that he has no sympathy for Gaza.

    The Kopp-Verlag has good writers, as Wisnewski or just Eva Herman, but Mr Ulfkotte is quite unnecessary.

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