The attacks in Oslo and Utøya - information and possible backgrounds

Last Friday (22.7.2011) shook a (?) Heavy bombing Oslo. The name of an alleged single perpetrator circulating through the media and there are sham logical connections of his alleged belief and political opinion prepared for his alleged crime.

This one is already clear: The fact can not be an expression of any political conviction, but rather a mental illness, an induced with drugs insanity or a specific programming of the offender (or a mixture thereof). Serve with the entering an attorney of the alleged assassin Anders Behring Breivik, his client had the deed referred to as "necessary in the head". Psycho-techniques that plants an order in his head and let its execution appear as "necessary", there are long-standing and a discussion of this appears overdue in this context.

The messages are always talking about a bomb, the set news scene (N24-excerpts on YouTube), however, shows a right already destroyed government buildings in the picture, in the background another huge explosion.

The following chart of the "Kleine Zeitung" Austria, reinforces the impression that we are dealing here not only with a bomb, but with a much greater extent of damage.


A short time later directed one or two offenders a bloodbath in a summer camp of the Social Democratic Labour Party of Norway on the island of Utøya on. At the time, a large number of people (600) were in the youth camp.

(Gmx: "CID spokesman Einar Aas said the online edition of the newspaper 'Verdens Gang': 'We have several matching testimonies, after which there should be a second offender We are working flat out that educate..'")

Meanwhile testimonies were publicized: Ca. 1.80 m tall, dark-haired, "Nordic" appearance.

One and a half hours took there the shooting, only three hours after the bombing in Oslo the alleged perpetrator was arrested.

die herzförmige norwegische Insel Utoya

The Norwegian island of Utoya ...

Utøya is a small heart-shaped island. She is idyllically situated in a fjord, about 200 meters away from the mainland. Here you can click on a map, can be seen on that island not (about 40 km) is too far from the Norwegian capital Oslo - crow, what question raises why could send helicopters there is no faster, rather than to travel by car. The one or more shooters (one in police uniform, the other in civilian clothes) were their terrible "job" to pursue one and a half hours until Anders Behring Breivik was arrested. Helicopters from Oslo were supposedly not ready.

Die Insel im Tyrifjord

... Located in the Tyrifjord

We can know almost nothing about the perpetrators - the data concerning political beliefs should be treated with caution. Because all this information come from the net: His profile on Facebook seems fabricated as for the terrible event, it was set only five days before the murder. Anyone could do such a thing, it must not have been the perpetrator himself.

Facebook Version I (google cache) from 22.7.2011, 23:52:36 (snapshot) here, Facebook version II here:

Suddenly religion is "Christian" philosophy and "conservative" added. On 23.7.2011 the Facebook profile was deleted, as Breivik was arrested. Questions, questions! Is the whole Facebook-entry might be a fake? Or is it that the entry originally was in English and not in Norwegian, and therefore in the latter language was spending only limited information, such as pay Principles Blog thinks? The 32-year-old will appear as a conservative philosophy friend. He identifies with Orwell's "1984", with Winston Churchill and the Norwegian resistance fighter Max Manus during the German occupation in World War II.

Also on discussion forums, the alleged perpetrator to have introduced commitment, while anyone can anonymously create a profile and post comments, authentic need not be so. All tracks in the network can be fabricated theory.

Breivik is nevertheless of the media already as a "right", "conservative", "Christian fundamentalist", "anti-Islamic", "anti-Marxist" set against globalization, Muslim immigration and multiculturalism, and even as an "Israel hater" traded. (The latter appears to be completely wrong on the circumstances).

Breivik had apparently 2009 and 2010 often comments on a website called leave that documented his political views. The site operator Hans Rustad has provided equal on the first page the alleged comments Breivik for retrieval. Rustad is a zionistscher activist and publicist, a declared opponent of a Palestinian state, with a clear left past. His current political views are however roughly at the line of hawkish, neoconservative US Republicans, but is comparable to the thrust of the party of Geert Wilders and the "pro-Party" in Germany, which lead their members to demonstrate in front of mosques and always swing also flags of the Middle East state, criticism of Islam and "Clash of Civilizations" is personally summoned and transported by Rustad in writings and events.

The alleged written by Breivik in English political manifesto "2083 - A European Declaration of Independance", which had been posted online just hours before the first stop, Rustad has incidentally as a plagiarism of the manifesto by the American Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, the mailed 1978-1995 bombs and a "Manifesto" wrote that Breivik apparently in large parts 1: 1 took over.

Breivik - so it seems - was, if we want to look at his Internet posts as authentic, entirely on Hans Rustads prozionistscher, anti-Islamic political line. Therefore, when we ask ourselves why the young man raged calculated in a youth camp of the Norwegian Labour Party, so this background may be important eventually; if not for him, the bachelor and farmers, financial advisor, Masons, Knights Templar and FPS, then perhaps for diejeneigen as "necessary" planted him the murders in his head and helped out him with a pre-existing manifest to him as a kind of political culture fighter to make it look.

The summer camp on the small island was by the Norwegian Labour Party and its youth organization ("Workers' Youth League") discharged. The Social Democratic Party is quite moderate multicultural set-globalist, as can be seen also by visiting their website. The Working Party pus Norway is a proven advocate of Palestinian statehood.

Bild am Vortag des Massakers aufgenommen auf der Insel Utoya

Picture the day before the massacre, taken on the island Utoya Norwegian Foreign Minister with the Store

The adjacent photo was taken the day before the murders when visiting Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gohr the store on Utøya, he had only a few days earlier visit of Mahmoud Abbas. On television, the minister said, Norway would be ready to recognize a Palestinian state. At the youth camp reiterated Store again: "The Palestinians must have their own state, the crew must have an end, the wall must be demolished and that must happen now!" Under the loud applause of the young people.

Above an interview with the Norwegian Foreign Minister at the camp in Utøya. It is clearly a "boycott" of Israel and a state for the Palestinians, even if not much else :( understands.

The Jugendorgansisation the Norwegian Labour Party is known that it is firmly on the side of Palestine. Its leader Eskil Pederson had said on 17.7.2011: He believes the time for drastic measures against Israel came; he wanted to move the Foreign Minister to impose an economic boycott against the country. "The peace process goes nowhere and the whole world expected of Israel to comply with, but they do not. We in the Workers' Youth will make a unilateral economic embargo of Israel from the Norwegian side of "He continued:". I admit that this is a drastic measure, but I believe that it sets a clear sign that we are simply fed up with Israel's behavior have. "

Boikott Israel Bewegunbg in Norwegen

Boycott Israel Movement in Norway

Strong words found since Eskil Pederson. This leads to the question of whether Norway's government was close to economic boycott of Israel, in order to set an example? The mood in the country was obviously quite sure. Of course, such a thing is hard to imagine in Germany, the media provide a completely different level of discussion.

Below is a video with images after the massacre. The thoughts go to Norway to all cowardly killed and their survivors, and especially towards the brave young men of the Norwegian Labour Party!

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13 Responses to "The attacks in Oslo and Utøya - information and possible backgrounds"

  1. this is a very interesting contribution, beyond the mainstream, but also pleasantly different than much of what there is in the alternative area. hab in this article installed a link to this article.
    what I do not understand is how anyone can be more cruel than basically Nazis who shot people in the group. just in Norway are children always treated with respect, no different than adults. and then he shoots a child shivering lying on the ground after another? because of lone - I can imagine already, but I'm also to other arguments:

  2. sorry, the second specified URL was wrong, this is the right:

  3. Nico says:

    This article, I can only agree. As always, the real truth is drowned out by the concert of the regimented and controlled by the elite media and the media consumers is exactly eingetrichtet, which has the ultimate backers so at heart.
    I was told most of some good friends that have always been targeted speeches to people who present themselves in any way in the network, in such a way that one can expect to find an easy victim for brainwashing. It's amazing that apparently the impetus of the present mentally deluded seem to matter, the main thing, you can exploit it.
    The FBI is already several times bad noticed incidentally with attempts to address unzufriedeme Muslims directly in front of the mosques and to heat them for any terrorist operations. Since the overwhelming majority of Muslims are peaceful, as a rule, you have to help out already targeted, either by psychological influence or by MINDCONTROL, the technical possibilities for this there is a long time.
    The same thing happens on both sides of the political spectrum, both right-wing extremists as well as left-wing extremists such "Anwerbeversuche" Various services have already been observed.
    The fact in Norway may well be the diseased brain of an employee of M. I. sprung from. (Before I found the word recognition of E. system yet this post and send me the guy in the booth, soon I prefer it from!).
    Keep it up, dear Friederike, you do not mince his mouth and put his fingers into the wounds continue - the only way we will succeed eventually, wake the sleeping German sheep.

  4. Monty says:

    Zionism and Freemasonry - the perfect fit. However, no Freemasons are thus claim to be a Freemason - which contradicts the Code. There are many indications that this Breivik was drawn into an organization which trained, financed him, promoted, formed and ultimately sacrificed. Just one has it with Adolf Hitler - made and with its allegedly "Mein Kampf". Once one has found the right type, then that is not all that difficult - see the "lone assassin" Lee Harvey Oswald and his communist confused worldview. Oswald was actually a big supporter of Hitler. Less because of its ideology, but rather because of Hitler's meteoric rise as a very simple person lower layer.

  5. jimjune says:

    Hello Friedrike,

    the video-recording of an alleged second explosion in n24 program has been exposed as a fake. the proof you find in the comments to the following article:

    n24 has, as far as I could see it, the corresponding contribution now deleted without comment from its online library.

    Best regards,

  6. Friederike Beck says:

    I've read through the article straight. From my perspective, the film-contribution is not "rebutted". There are, on the contrary raised further questions by. Very strange also that are deleted from the library posts, if that is so. The question remains: How can a single car bomb wreak such damage spacious?

  7. jimjune says:

    that's interesting and amazing that you do not acknowledge the fake. so we do not talk past each other: I speak of the sequence 0: 03min to 0: 06min from the above linked from thee N24 video.
    there you can see in the background a huge cloud of smoke incl. fireball.
    because in the foreground but the already known devastation of road grubbegata can be seen, it seems likely that this is perhaps a second explosion is that farther north took place several hundred meters from the first explosion.
    However, it is in this second explosion just a fake.
    the original, unedited original material can be found here at 2: 11min to 2: 13min:

    Click exactly at 2: 11min on a still image. probably a YouTube user, versed in video editing, has made this statue then a fake video created with gefakter explosion. This video can be found here:

    if you compare, you see this same groups of people in the rear part of the road, the same number and they are in the same position.
    the fake-video you will see then subsequently incorporated explosion, but people do not move as well as the smoke right in the top of the screen out of the building is frozen. the wobble of the image is a simple effect, which is achieved with 2 clicks (wiggler effect).

    now it is probably so that then took some sloppy journalist this fake video and processed in a TV show. definitely ended the fake video then sometime in the n24 -sendung you've linked above.

    is amazing that n24 since Friday evening and also on Saturday afternoon in endless grind these fake showed without asking that they noticed the fake and without that they came up with the idea of ​​what the because huge for a second exploded since the background is and if that was not could be a second bomb maybe. that would be a very important note. instead lamented the moderators about anything, while in the background continuously this powerful explosion was visible (that is very reminiscent of the BBC and WTC 7).
    but the other stations, experts and law enforcement agencies have not immediately pounced on this vermeitnlich second bomb. very strange. is the use of fake material now mere sloppiness or intent to cause confusion? Should you really believe that a television journalist a video on YouTube finds a supposedly second explosion and this video will not be previously examined closely for authenticity where you really know it well-made fake videos on youtube dime a dozen are? That seems to me so incredible that I can auzuschliessen a different intention behind it altogether, especially since the situation also designed around the alleged faker quite opaque.

  8. Friederike Beck says:

    Your last few sentences: it is my frown moved. Thanks for the detailed description. It would therefore have been a very rapid acting Faker, on some stations are then hreingefallen. On CNN was also of a second explosion talk, no photos. Overall, I got the sketches, the goods taken from the Norwegian Pesse, strange before, because it marked a far greater degree of destruction than can be hervorgrufen by a single car bomb ...

  9. Martin says:

    Thank you Mrs Beck, thank you.
    I do not understand a lot of explosives, but as a 500kg bomb "only" dented a car, but does not leave a crater in the road, and also (since voice I will be) one bomb wreaks such destruction, is beyond me ,

    In all the chaos, which must have prevailed in Oslo on Friday afternoon, it's surprising why it is journalists probably managed to find a helicopter to take this picture, which is surrounded by victims on the bank shows Mr. Breivik, as the police ,

    And why has Mr. Breivik eyewitness reportedly once (in the taxi) shown as open-minded and extremely talkative, as he was seen on the ferry absent and reserved, also remains a mystery.

    Last but not least: Cui bono? Who has an interest in such an act? For I am convinced: as little as Osama from a cave the best air defense the world has made a fool of hours, nor Mr Breivik acted alone. Projectiles maybe, but not on its own initiative. I feel fatally reminiscent of stone houses and Kretschmar, which were also shown postmortem as "confused Killer".

  10. Tine says:

    Dear Mrs. Beck, thank you for once again very readable article. As for the NTV video with the second explosion, I found on YouTube at the following:

    However, I'm not quite sure what to say to me - the NTV video was always regarded as supporting a second explosion (and as an indication of a more perpetrators), and if it should be forged supports the actually the thesis of crazy single perpetrator.
    (Though of course you have to ask the question why it was gefäscht.)

  11. Wolfgang says:

    Gee Mrs. Beck! very well researched. put the nail on the head. a second explosion - n24video or not - has been reported by mainstream local journalists live in the news agencies. Greetings from Munich

  12. Friederike Beck says:

    this praise from an authoritative but I am particularly pleased :-)))

  13. Linnie says:

    Wonderful, what a blog it is! This web site presents helpful information to us, keep it up.

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