Due to climate change? Turtles could become extinct

250 billion plastic waste parts in the Mediterranean: climate change? (Source unknown)

"Scientists from the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig in Bonn (ZFMK) are sounding the alarm. Climate change could lead to the end of all turtle species. "

Under the headline "Death from the turtles?" Shocked again the climate pious Bonner General Anzeiger be too loyal readership (28.2.2012).

Turtles - What you should know - first appeared years ago more than 220 million in Carnian (Upper Triassic). The armored animals thus among the most successful species of our blue planet. There are 313 species and 200 subspecies of the shy, egg-laying reptiles.

220 million years long so the air temperatures has always been and always stable, consistently pleasant and friendly for the propagation tank carrier? Hardly likely.

Since 30 million years, turtles survive the current ice age (at least one of the poles glaciated), called "Känozoiosches Ice Age".

Wikipedia knows: "The Anpassungsfähigkei t of turtles has been able to secure their continued existence to the present time." Adaptability to all Klimafährnisse - which had been expected for a track record of 220 million years! Tortoise stuck humans so loose in the bag.

Wiki continues: "Through human influences many species are today but in acute danger."

Write the researchers from the ZFMK that more than half of the turtles are threatened by anthropogenic causes species like the destruction of their habitat and illegal wildlife trade with extinction.

I had at this point already on the topic "Climate Change" as Orwellian term "wrote: Instead of naming the factors sober, has recently been geschwafelt and warned increasingly nebulous. Is that scientific?

"It was to be expected prior to our analysis, that climate change could have ensthafte consequences for global biodiversity turtles." What then to "strong indications of the accuracy of assumptions" led ...

Climate change is just "in". To write more "in" than littering the oceans, destruction of coastline for the benefit of tourism and soup pots, where turtles still overcame.

Climate change? Turtle in Chinese supermarket (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Here the phenomenon of intensive hunt for turtles is not new. So there was the European pond terrapin even until the 19th century. Into it, but it was almost completely fished as a Lenten food and disappeared not only from our native waters, but also from our consciousness as originally indigenous species.

Fishing with driftnets, the turtle as a threat in the eyes of the farmers of the country of origin, herbicides, pesticides, road construction ...

Conclusion: The climate is the least to blame, so the turtles already come clear - since 220 million years by all warm and cold periods throughout.

What they do not get along, is the human self-indulgence.

Reconstruction of the central temperature and precipitation curve of the Earth 3.8 billion years since: E = Ice Age, E (underlined) = Ice Age ice formations with the geographic poles, W = ice-free Warmklima.Klimawandel until today. Absolutely normal. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

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  1. Orwell says:

    Very well recognized.

    However, the "human excesses" as a Neusprechbegriff, "people" there are not, but only certain, are excessive.

    Such generalizations always serve the green left ideologues when hammering their religious beliefs in lowbrow denkjungfräuliche kids brains.

    Not "Man" is "evil", but a few copies to justify itself to the world to serve riches beyond measure. Here necessary to look to the markets would be wrong, because demand for all superfluous things is indeed artificially manipulative of these subjects only.

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