Grass-poem. Or: No longer with the submarine to Wohlfühloase

The former head of Mossad, Meir Dagan, warned for months publicly against an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. He hopes to prevent a catastrophe: "You have to remember what happens after that day." An attack was terrible for Israel, a disaster of unimaginable proportions. (see. Spiegel 45/2001, S. 110.)

The Nobel Günther Grass also gave public, so to speak the day after. His "poem", actually a short analysis, a document of great concern for world peace is also a proof that an acquaintance in the public's patience finally ran out. For Grass is to thank.

A few days ago the leaders of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) had in New Delhi on their annual summit strongly encouraged to adjust the threats of war against Iran and Syria. They support the embargo policy against Iran and the escalation of pro-violence rhetoric and called for not to give a compromise and dialogue space.

For months, specifically for years, war scenarios military action is mainly in the US, but also the German media through debate, named favorable time frame for a first strike, called for, demanded. Foreign Policy magazines, thinking tanks and experts want to let the unthinkable seem conceivable and possible, the last dead point, which was brought to Israel in Match calculated, all 300 (!) Intolerable killed in a strike against Iran. The war players always hide it in their sandboxes but the possibilities of a domino effect in the Middle East, in which all voltages old scores could be unloaded and - more importantly - the unpredictable dynamics of war with a Russian intervention or even China.

Is surprising that the media actually surprised that here Someone once raised his voice, not just the usual applied in the User Comment feature in such articles.

It was and is this activity contrary to international law: Not only wars of aggression itself, in particular, the preparation of which are outlawed. As an excuse for this breach of laws and conventions must alleged threat of "new Hitler of Tehran" who allegedly threatened Israel with extinction and over again, serve.

People justify bellicose rhetoric and warmongering with these (alleged) Iranian threats, of course, have their version cling like castaways on a wooden beam. They will not let go of the wooden beams, even if they were told that other translations read that the Zionist regime and not the state was meant to be with this manifestation of the "madman from Tehran". You will continue to dig into the beam, even if you daraufhinwiese that has "new Hitler" a good chance to be voted out of office soon in his home.

At the moronic and unprincipled war propaganda relevant personalities with a certain radius public have been silent for too long in Germany. The relevant failure of the elites in Germany and their cowardice is a subject in itself. That Grass silence finally broke, the beginning and made his fame threw into the ring, he deserves thanks.

Grass will be in good company: he takes the side of those Israelis, which their own government has become scary and for which survival instincts rain: recently launched a young Israeli a Facebook campaign "Israel-Loves-Iran", "Iranians we will never bomb your country. We love you "(see figure above).

The Israeli graphic designer Ronny Edry had enough of the war rhetoric and his government stepped los an avalanche, which is becoming increasingly popular. Approximately 57,000 people have already joined his campaign since the end of March and is increasing daily. And above all: More and more Iranians respond and establish a dialogue. It is this dialogue will be denied by the officials. For Bibi Netanyahu will not now easier to maintain by the ongoing civil campaign, he spoke for all Israelis.

But Grass's criticism also goes against the double standards, the public hypocrisy and permanent, standard presupposed particularly in Germany perception disorders: Here uncounted, by any international inspection ever bothered actual nuclear weapons to zero issue be made, there is the of the US intelligence agencies only recently again denied existence of an Iranian bomb the breaking point and simply taken are reason to see reason kidney via the world-wide conflagration. It signed the Iran in 1968, a year before the Federal Republic of Germany, the NPT. Israel has never done along with India, Pakistan and North Korea.

Grass it does not want to make more simple. In Germany it is since years simply remain silent when again pending a submarine deal and simply assert that just ruling Israeli government is identical with Israel or the Israeli people per se. A monolith. Not open to criticism. The areas of German history or Germany's special "responsibility".

The truth is simple: If one takes responsibility, to act rationally, with foresight, considering the end, warns, if necessary, or has no tolerance at all. If not, then the alleged is "responsibility" just empty rhetoric, which you can smoke the pipe, or just one of possibly only feigned by Henryk Broder identified "oases", interest and sympathy, even self-congratulation.

Nuclear-capable submarines because of the special German responsibility?

Grass is to thank that he obviously real responsibilities and not only trite verbal accepts and the designated in Germany Spanking plugging. However, of those who stand on the side of irresponsible Netanyahu, not by those who are on the side of Meir Dagan and Ronny Edry.

The embarrassing German Rudel journalism still has not realized that the beautiful, simple equation no longer comes up: arms exports, nuclear-capable submarines, beautifully simple paid by German taxpayers with the nice simple indication of the special German responsibility ... brain death in Germany, in the Middle East but perhaps really deadly. Namely, when German politicians still want to reach with their (nuclear-capable) submarines in their oases.

From there it was about the usual stuff: too lazy to think, irrelevant unit opinion, Empörungsrituale, word bubbles.

Grass is for razor. One must hope that there are more in Germany. For the experiment, the world and also to save the peace in particular Israel, it should be worth to insert beating, even if it's not get thanked and will be occupied by the A-word. A - as anti-Semitism or indeed Amargeddon ...

Grass's poem in full:

"Why I am silent, conceal too long,
what is obvious and in simulations
was practiced at the end as survivors
we are at best footnotes.

It is the alleged right to the first strike,
the subjugated by the one Maulhelden
and guided to organized jubilation
Iranian people could wipe out,
because in the sphere of construction
a bomb is suspected.

But why I say to myself,
to name that other country by name,
in the years since - albeit kept secret -
a growing nuclear capabilities available
but out of control, because no examination
is accessible?

The general concealment of these facts,
which my silence has subordinated,
I find incriminating lie
and coercion, punishment is in prospect
as soon as it is disregarded;
the verdict "anti-Semitism" is familiar.

But now, because, from my country
the innate of crime,
which are without comparison,
Is time overtaken by time and taken to task,
turn and purely businesslike, though
declared with nimble lip as restitution,
another submarine to Israel
to be delivered, whose specialty
consists in all-destroying warheads
there to steer where the existence
is a single atomic bomb unproven,
but wants to be a fear of probative value,
I say what must be said.

But why I said nothing so far?
Because I thought my origin,
which implies the risk of never tilgendem blemish,
forbid, this fact as pronounced truth
the Land of Israel, I'm connected to
and will remain, be expected.

Why do I say only now,
aged and with the last ink:
The nuclear power Israel endangers
the already fragile world peace?
Because it must be said,
which might be too late tomorrow;
Also because we - as German burdened enough -
Suppliers of a crime could be,
is the predictable, which is why our complicity
through any of the usual excuses
would be repaid.

And added: I am silent no longer,
because I the hypocrisy of the West
am tired; In addition, it is hoped,
there may be many free from silence,
the cause of the apparent danger
calling on the renunciation of violence and
likewise insist
that unhindered and permanent control
the Israeli nuclear potential
and the Iranian nuclear facilities
by an international body
is approved by the governments of both countries.

Only in this way is all, the Israelis and Palestinians,
more than that, all the people in this
from delusion occupied region
live cheek by jowl enemies
and, ultimately, to help us. "

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  1. [...] Quote: "At the moronic and unprincipled war propaganda (against Iran) have been silent for too long in Germany relevant personalities with a certain public radius. The relevant failure of the elites in Germany and their cowardice is a subject in itself. Grass did the silence finally broke, the beginning and threw his awareness in the ring, he deserves thanks. "See full article click here [...]

  2. Przemek says:

    A really detailed article. I am originally from Danzig and love Grass therefore particularly like. Best regards. I'll look at this website accurately.

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    thank you have been able to find the poem anywhere outdoors www ... Will now more often be here, on the hunt for answers

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