Torture with electric shocks as a disciplinary measure for problem teenagers in the United States

Sometimes you stumble on the net about things that you first can not believe: In Massachusetts there is a boarding school with affiliated school, the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center , which "corrects" the behavior of problem teenagers - with special means. The inmates include, inter alia, autistic, extremely aggressive or auto-aggressive children and adolescents or those with ADHD problems.

On the occasion of the withdrawal of the founder and senior consultant with 78 years in May last year, left the hospital announced euphoric: "Matthew Israel is not only one of the most important personalities of behavior therapy, but he is also a heroic figure for thousands of families through this door the JRC fallen as their last hope. "

First, it is clear that it is the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center to a kind of "stop" is. It's about serious cases that are "treated" by order of the court there. It is clear that all Jugendichen already have a history: they were "treated" with medication, and, in such "incurable", referred in this terminal.

The current scandal could arise only because video evidence from 2002, which had previously been "sealed" by a U.S. court, have now been released recently.

The videos are shocking evidence of how behavioral problems not the cause, going to the root of the problem, but only with drugs or psychotropic drugs and are then treated with electric shocks. Of which there are in the said device obviously two ways: by means of a helmet, which is slipped over the victim and in the form of bandages (see second video), which the occupant must always bear and the electric shocks are given through the skin. All these measures are monitored around the clock by a control room with various cameras, as well as the rooms of the inmates who have no privacy.

A photo report from 2011 by R. Friedman shows the shock transmitter of the hospital staff, which are connected to corresponding receivers on the body of the young people so that members of the bar at any time can cause electric shocks.

Tellingly, is also the Scanned from Friedman "Vernügungs- or reward mile" for the obedient patient: it consists of a replica from the movie "The Wizard of Oz".

What looks like the script to a bad Hollywood Shocker, is in principle very primitive: "unwanted" behavior in the definition of the center is treated with electric shocks - the problem youths are conditioned in the final result by force to a certain behavior - on pain prevention and behavior that pain avoidance implies. A concept that is known in the art from rat experiments ...

It must be remembered that we are dealing with people with disabilities and / or severely traumatized! The therapy at the JRC will be paid by the state with $ 200,000 per patient per year. The clinic is manifestly electric shocks entirely on Higtech (z. B. electronically monitored Locking Brackets for hands). There is nothing about it to read that some animals would be involved in the therapy, although has long been known that even in special problem cases, the presence of animals (such as cats.) Can work wonders; it is stress and anxiolytic. Therefore we consider now in the United States allow cats in the regular prison as a few days went by the media.

The man who tells it all as a matter of course (third video), is the head of the clinic, Dr. Matthew Israel, a man with cold eyes. He describes how in addition to electric shocks and positive stimuli are set, the occupants are allowed to go shopping in a hospital shop for example ... Israel presents in his promotional video for his clinic also grateful parents to commend their children to supply their needs now without medication, and. even at the end of two successful cases. The latter can, however, guess in some ways, what happened to the young people there through the electroshock therapy ultimately ...

As you can read, there is an ongoing investigation of the human rights division of the Justice Department; this is, however, still never came to a decision.

Subsequently, a film in which the Court of a US-now it woks video evidence can be seen .. The boy, whose mother sued the State, 31 times was shocked on that day! It amperage of 45 milliampere were applied, which can potentially be fatal. This "treatment" there were for offenses such as in the clothes blowing the nose or refuse to undress.

(Warning - disturbing sequences!)

Here is a report of the American Association for Autism:

Here is a video that can not be eingbettet. The head of the clinic, Dr. Matthew Israel, it describes the benefits of electroconvulsive therapy ("aversive" = from: abneigen, deter) and leaves at the end of two therapied own words that praise the electric shock treatment. Dr. Israel also reported, as he prepares for his "Theapiemaßnahmen" provided protection: The parents of the young people had to give their consent, a court had they decide, after having obtained the opinion of an expert, various commissions, including a human rights commission had to agree. It was all correct.

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8 Responses to "torture with electric shocks as a disciplinary measure for problem teenagers in the USA"

  1. Certainly seems to be more effective than the German Stuffed Justice.

  2. Friederike Beck says:

    the disabled, the autistic, adolescents with ADHD etc. should surely therapists are used and not the judiciary ?!

  3. Iphraim Simon says:

    @ Dr. Klaus Miehling: Abnormal behavior children and adolescents who are mentally retarded or mentally ill under circumstances, to maltreat with electric shocks, so you will appear as a legitimate means to counter the defendant from you moral decline in our society? This type of violence meets with your approval? You are not ethically and morally motivated idealist, but a fanatic, uptight complainer!

  4. Iphraim Simon says:

    With this statement, you have now finally disqualified as a serious critic socio-cultural circumstances and exposed as a bigoted hypocrite. Focus but just keep on composing Blockflötensonaten and spare you the rest of humanity with your reactionary views and your pseudo-scientific theories to contemporary music. To get excited about the destructive potential of you as designated "power music" (that can be found in my opinion, in some classic works of music, as in other forms of artistic expression, ultimately it is a question of the reception and processing) and at the same time approve the immediate Gewaltausuebung electroshock treatment of so-called "problem children", in my opinion, is not very credible, or integer.

  5. Really remarkable what you read out of a single short sentence in order to defame me can; and apparently only because you reject my thesis on a topic here not discussed.

    Even the word "cuddle Justice" you could see that I was referring to the treatment of offenders, not of the mentally handicapped.

  6. Iphraim Simon says:

    Even if you are doing based only on the compulsory treatment of juvenile offenders, they reveal with this statement a questionable attitude to These kinds of state-ordered "therapy measures". What you actually close the "effectiveness" of such treatment? Lying to you about also relevant statistics before, on youth crime in the State of Massachusetts?

  7. "Israel presented in his promotional video for his clinic also grateful parents who should be applauded that their children now needs without drugs, and at the end even two successful cases."

    From this I concluded that the treatment to be more effective "seems" (note the appropriately restrained formulation!) "As the German Stuffed Justice". Being clear to me that the measures described in the article are carried out not only on offenders.

  8. Heinz says:

    @ Dr. Klaus Miehling
    "(Note the appropriately restrained formulation!)" As the German Stuffed Justice ""
    I do not want to know what kind of "justice" you prefer, I wonder more why they did not emigrate to one of the many countries without "Stuffed Justice".

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