European Football Championship: All about?

Federal Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) is all the rage: Football is no longer just a nice, involving fighting, but ultimately unimportant game, but highly political state business: Friedrich turned demonstratively protectively Germany player Mesut Özil, who is vulnerable to attack on the Internet without protection , He condemned the racist Internet propaganda against the national team as "disgusting" and urged solidarity with all our players.

Since the German "summer fairy tale" 2006 in Germany a form of patriotism approved and publicly funded up to the Debilitätsgrenze: German football nationalism. The emotional appeal is made with all sorts of black-red-yellow jester costumes, plastic-frills and plenty of alcohol feed, Public Glotzing does the rest.

Apolitical was from the beginning not yet formed in our country parallel societies with colorful baubles and the Vuvuzelas should be stoned, quite apart from the function of football heroes as ge-ball-ten examples of successful integration.

From the outset, was played by Mesut Özil as a figurehead and Bambi for integration support an important role. Too bad that his (German) Turkish compatriots just him vilified as traitors. Others talk their heads hot about why he was not his Kurdish identity divulge (Mesut Özil Ben Kürdüm), at least half he was but one, while others argue the rage from. And then there's somewhere in the depths of the network even people who find only Ballkünstler with German names should play. Only against the latter Hetzer Friedrich has what he wants can be monitored by means of retention.

Thus, the interior minister is once again definitely caught offside and it can be assumed that he deliberately violates repeatedly the rules.

Because the Federal Constitutional Court had declared the data retention in March 2010 was unconstitutional and void. The verdict undertook German telecommunications provider to immediately delete the previously collected data. U. a. Who led the SNB, the data retention is contrary to Article 10 of the Basic Law, which guarantees the privacy of correspondence, post and telecommunications.

Our Constitution it will certainly survive if Turkish-German and German-German discussants and revilers drain some moist flatulence on the Internet. (A little tip: Simply the Getwittere and Getweete not read). What our constitutional but can not tolerate, Unterminierer of the Basic Law and ignorant of the highest German court à la are Interior Minister Friedrich.

As the press reported, Friedrich had the "Victory, victory" calls German spectators also referred to as "shameful" and "also that a few so-called fans have shown the forbidden Reichskriegsflagge calculated in the Second World War German-occupied Ukraine., Doing him angry. 'As a German patriot I am ashamed, as these people try our reputation in Europe and the world to damage', stressed the Minister of the Interior. The overwhelming majority of football fans have nothing to do. It should not be that this tiny minority determine the image and prestige of Germany pity. "

Because of an "infinitesimal minority" Friedrich wants thus committing breach of the constitution?

Perhaps the Minister should once apprise that football is a game where it comes to winning or losing. Friedrich would now therefore eradicate generally "win" calls or only in countries where once stood German soldiers, or how or what?

But why only 60 years ago to go? How about the Thirty Years War (1618-1648), when made war "naughty peoples flock" in German lands and murdered and plundered, which is why 16 million Germans subsequently lived only 5-8 million.

We're now quite, yes, more than quite desolate!
The cheeky peoples crowd, the frenzied trumpet shall
The fat from the blood sword, the thundering Kartaun,
Has all the sweat and hard work and stock aufgezehret.

(Andreas Gryphius).

Should we with these "naughty people" really still playing football or perhaps all avoid, perhaps even not taken up first? Or we pick out only a few countries? Or "defeat, defeat" or call or what?

Oh yes and the Reichskriegsflagge.
To use the different versions without swastika means the Protection of the Constitution:

"The leadership of, Reichskriegsflagge 'satisfies neither a constituent of the Criminal Code nor the Law on Administrative. Nevertheless, the, Reichskriegsflagge 'under general police and regulatory law be ensured if this is required, appropriate and proportionate measure in individual cases to avert tangible threats to public safety and order. That is, for. Example, the case when the flag is the focal point of a concrete impending danger and this can be solved by. "

Any submission lacks not quite the comedy.

Was this flag at the European Championships as such a "focal point of a concrete danger" or Friedrich has just one important-important issue? Maybe it can even be fixed with a black, red and yellow plugs?

Black-red-yellow plugs

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