ESM / fiscal pact: number of applicants more than doubled!

Give ESM no chance. The stickers can be ordered on the Internet.

While the media still undaunted speak of some 12,000 citizens , which together with " more democracy " connect the constitutional challenge to ESM and Fiscal Compact, the actual number of applicants has more than doubled within two weeks!

According counter with "more democracy" there are now 28,098 citizens! Each day, hundreds of proxies at the club one. Until the 5th of August you can still connect.

Also, the Coalition for Direct Democracy will complain. One member has already according to § 81 criminal charges against the federal government, against members of the Bundestag and the Bundesrat treason and preparation of a treasonable enterprise - provided Section 83 of the Criminal Code.

"The ESM is the task of financial sovereignty to an upstream and undemocratic Euro-Board, which is above the law, may be sued by anyone and yet each can sue. This can have all of our assets and the fruits of our labor, without having to take the German people accountable.

By such injustice, such as the ESM, revolutions were triggered: 'No taxation without representation!' is one of the absolute principles of democracy. "

No taxation without representation! This sentence was the reason for the American independence movement and the American War of Independence.

It is obviously time for a European independence movement.

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4 Responses to "ESM / fiscal pact: number of applicants more than doubled!"

  1. michael says:

    The Club More Democracy complains NOT against the ESM!

    The Alliance Direct democracy has not lodged and will not lodge with the Constitutional Court.

  2. "... More democracy eV: submarine action against the Constitution ...?"

    "... We bring .Üblicher way only our own products. Because of the importance of the matter in question, but we want to explicitly refer here to a post by ik-News:

    Ik-News: "More Democracy: submarine action against the Basic Law with the help of 12,000 supporters?"

    We have expressed our concern about the party political affiliations of the persons already expressed (link, see the article by Peter Boehringer on the constitutional judges and more democracy-ler Huber). Our concern is that critics of Euro-madness be used to accurately do the opposite of what many of these critics want.

    We think more democracy eV must clarify here: Allows the application to create the Euro-monster state? Should ultimately be incapacitated by a national or EU Constitutional Convention the people? Or should be decided in an open referendum by the citizens, whether they want to be part of or not part of a Euro zone, which has become by the ESM to a liability union?

    We expect more democracy eV and of the applicant Däubler-Gmelin clarification.

    Until then, we do not recommend, support or recommend to retire already done signatures constitutional complaint.

    Info & Contact: ... ".

  3. Matthias says:

    The association "more democracy" seems to be a submarine - see
    The lawsuit is - quite far behind:
    "Rather, the integration steps in question here justifying Constitution would also be given if the Basic Law is supplemented by regulations, authorize the entry into a federal state-like fiscal union.
    The High Senate will be invited to present the pertinent obligation of the legislative bodies. "
    It is therefore proposed to change the Basic Law so that the ESM legally can happen easily.

  4. [...] ESM / fiscal pact: number of applicants more than doubled! [...]

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