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Only glitch: HUNDERAP "bomb alert"

Thursday, January 28, 2010

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Two days ago we looked into an abyss: the abyss security: Teilevakuation Munich Airport: A man with a tow Topp had run away, even though he had hidden explosives in it, anyway, claiming a security computer - erroneously. The man was then taken refuge - canceled flights, waiting times, so make flying really fun! The Bonner General Anzeiger titled two days later this attack collective hysteria with "Only Panne". Because: In the surveillance cameras was recorded that the man was not fled, but quietly went through the check to buy prior to departure a little ...
I am for a change with my dog ​​on this attack collective Bellelritis entertain, because he can howl a little song of something! Welcome to the unreal world, to the security world!

HUNDERAP: "bomb alert"!

Bow-wow to get up!
Are you ready to start?
In Park Gassi go:
It's about time!

Get in the car,
Get out of the car,
from, hush-hush
Bow-wow, that was needed!
Hou-hou in the bush! (More ...)

About the cabaret artist Georg Schramm

Sunday, November 29, 2009

"In this country we are the citizens who systematically left and deceived about hazardous developments in the dark. On the political stage mock battles are staged conflicts and the limelight that serve only the distraction from the core of the German misery. "(Georg Schramm)

Georg Schramm

Georg Schramm

Georg Schramm is an institution for many. The famous political cabaret artist and author of Badenweiler is for several months once a month in the ZDF in "Neues aus der Anstalt" to see; together with Urban Priol and changing invited guests which can each be selling items for an evening in the "madhouse". The program uses the artifice, as "Ship of Fools", as a madhouse, represent the world; thereby enjoying the "occupant" or the crew aboard Narrenfreiheit, they also exploit Weidlich, until even the last spectator dawns that the alleged madmen who are in the "institution" only reasonable and would let out itself consign there actually ...

If we analyze the comments on Schramm's television and stage appearances and If you look at who is sitting beside him in the audience, it is noticeable that Schramm arrives in all generations. Because he offers people something that is now denied them consistently from politicians and the media: He puts his audience lovely juicy chewing bones instead pudding and mashed potatoes; want to say, Schramm has a very distinct and often politically incorrect language and do not talk around the bush. He is filled with holy anger. The regularly creates the frustrated contemporaries refreshment and relief. (More ...)

Except Constitution

Friday, March 20 2009

Federal Central Office for Internet clearinghouse, good day!
Uh, yes, hello, is there the Internetklierstelle?
Yes, how can we help you?
Yeah, well, I was there just in such a Jetroom, yes, and there I saw someone announcing a massacre, I believe.
So, please tell us details, as was the wording exactly?
So, the person said, she wants to soon be time to take up a few people.
Aha, that's very interesting, please tell us exactly where you have found the entry, and how ...

Uh, yeah, good day, that's it, well, you know where you can turn aside, if you can find someone funny? (More ...)

I am a senior economist in action

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

♪♪♪ Audio slopes: listen

I am a senior economist in action,
I have a thick Harvard graduate,
The black suit I wear perfectly.
I'm talking English almost flawlessly.
And the Haargelgraduation
Is the secret of my qualification.
And my motto is: Juchuhuhu!
Those who have already, get one at that!

I am a business Weiser in action,
I sit on the Supervisory Board of Bank Union.
Bin so successful'm so much in demand,
From doubt I was never troubled.
Even with billion euros Meanies
Was I never, never disheartened.
Because I know: Juchuhuhu!
Those who have already, get one at that! (More ...)