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"Greece rescue" = bailout

Thursday, June 30, 2011

That "Greece rescue" is actually a bailout by the taxpayer, we already suspected. "Monitor" on 16.6.2011 has collected some incredible facts:

Open Letter to Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle and Development Minister Dirk Niebel

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bonn, 24.6.2011
Dear Sirs Minister,

the media was found to this day, they were "a surprise trip" in Libya (ARD, 13.6.2011). They announced there to help millions of euros for the country.

You, Mr Westerwelle are quoted with the words: "Our visit to Benghazi shows that Germany is a friend and partner of the democratic forces in the country. We will support the National Transitional Council to build a democratic and constitutional Libya's best efforts. " He continued: "Gaddafi is on the wrong side of history."

Unfortunately, things are not so clear. Because: Until yesterday, the members of the now officially recognized by Germany rebels Council were still on the "wrong side of history." All members of the Interim Council were government officials or members of the dictator; only exception is the temporary finance minister Ali Tarhouni; he lived so far as Professor of Economics in the USA.

The Chairman of the Transitional National Council Mustafa Mohammed Abud al Dschelail until February 21 this year, yet justice minister under Gaddafi. In this role, he was a policy that has nothing at all and even less to do with democracy, with the observance of constitutional principles. (more ...)

Lady Gaga: she saw ahead the nuclear disaster in Japan? (Part I)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The correct answer must be "no" hot of course. However, this should not prevent the following video, which was discontinued in November 2009, a closer view and then analyze it.

The "Forbes" magazine produces annual lists of the richest celebrities of the globe after its estimated annual income. Lady Gaga leads the charts of celebrities with a total of about 90 million dollars per year.

The Lady Gaga, singer, songwriter and producer sells its products z. T. 15 million times, their music videos were called in to YouTube 1 billion times (which is unprecedented for anyone succeeded), a whole generation of young people growing their self-Iinszenierungen zoom, in my circle of friends, it's even babies who had their first dance steps to the rhythms of Lady Gaga.

Lada Gaga calls her fans as "my little monsters", has by his own admission an obsession with monsters and "became a monster" as they - burning with ambition - began to advance their career.

One could his finger on the forehead above the Lady ignore, but I decided to stay once exemplified analyze the music video "Lady Gaga Apocalpyse, the Monster Ball Tour", the III zusammenbaute BTV-producer William Sikora with her. (more ...)

If the monarchy in Libya? Or: A false prince for a wrong war

Saturday, June 18, 2011

In an interview with US news channel Fox News, aired on 12.4.2011, is presented to the world the Libyan "Prince Idris al-Senussi," Go member of the royal family, which in 1969 when Muammar al Gaddafi took power into exile had. Prince Idris had already engaged "decades" for the opposition.

The interviewer comes straight to the point: The supposed prince, who is allegedly with people "on the ground", ie on-site contact, may speak for the whole of Libya at Fox News; under the royal flag ("one flag, one state"), the country will be together again soon, as the Libyan Blaublütler.
"Prince" Idris turns dramatically in the United States and NATO. There is a lack of ammunition and training, NATO and the US would have to become more involved. The Libyan people expect the United States as the main force behind NATO more "interference". "Please step up its military operations" ("Please step up your military operations"), "give us weapons so that we seize power and can get rid of Gaddafi. "

The request of the Prince could not be clearer. There's just one problem: The man is not a prince, but an impostor, which everyone can find to search a minimum. He lives in London and Rome, since 1969 was no longer in Libya, has to do with oil and gas operations. To his royal fantasy story more equal. (more ...)

Libya: Name list of the warmongers

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who had thought the US neoconservatism had abdicated Obama's election, had very wrong. At most, the Roosters Reported Tatung the proven, energetic group of US Think anchor chair and military strategists to be desired in Germany. You want this country to people obviously do not expect the tireless, fiery warmongers - because that could protect the noble image of the noble, white knights, who are again on the way to spread democratic values ​​in the world and in particular (based on a proven pattern) civilian populations which can shake a little.

So we will hold back the tears of emotion and open the eyes and ears for:

Here comes ... PNAC. The Project for a New American century of.

Remember: The infamous policy paper in 1997 called for, inter alia, a transformation of the Middle East. The vehicle was the "idea" (!) Of the war on terror have been the first domino of Iraq.

Of course, so that the reconstruction of the Middle East was not complete - the "project" had called for much walking distance Deres. But let us first video from 20.3.2011 of policy commentator ("Fox News") and neocon journalist William Kristol ("The Weekley Standard"), son of the "Godfather of neoconservatism" Irving Kristol, to:

(Read more ...)

10 Reasons to bomb Libya

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
HDI-Weltkarte; Quelle: wikimedia commons

HDI World Map (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Human Development Index (HDI; data from 2007, published on November 4, 2010)

  • > 0.900
  • 0850-0899
  • 0800-0849
  • 0750-0799
  • 0700-0749
  • 0650-0699
  • 0600-0649
  • 0550-0599
  • 0500-0549
  • 0450-0499
  • 0400-0449
  • 0350-0399
  • 0300-0349
  • <0.300
  • No data
  1. Libya has an index of 0.755, the highest standard of living of the whole of Africa. In terms of the Human Development Index (HDI) in 2007, it has been more than comparable European countries such as Poland and Portugal. This is amazing, especially since 85% of Libya is desert (Sahara) and the land is extremely dry.
  2. Libya has the highest per capita income in Africa.
  3. Medical care is free. In more complex diagnoses or necessary operations Libyans were sent abroad for decades. Also Bonner clinics, for example, did good business with patients from Libya, where their stay was fully state-funded. Each Libyans was equipped with 5000 euros for the hospital stay. (more ...)

Nuclear disaster in Japan and explosive Geology

Saturday, March 19, 2011
Pazifischer Feuerring; Quelle Wikimedia Commons

Ring of Fire (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Meanwhile, we are smarter:

If someone had asked how many nuclear reactors possess the land how many people would have known the correct answer before the nuclear disaster in Japan?

Who would have known that there are 55 nuclear power plants in Japan, a world region that has traditionally been the most affected by the earthquake regions of our planet, and another 11 that are under construction.

An "anti-nuclear" movement is, we are told, quite unknown in Japan. Nuclear energy is so obviously expanded in complete agreement with the great majority of the population.

At least this is amazing - also because Japan 1945 yes terrible experience with the dropping of two atomic bombs American made, but obviously it did not influenced in its pursuit of nuclear energy. (more ...)

Bulb: In September, the end came

Sunday, February 27, 2011
Kommt: Die giftige Quecksilber-"Energiesparlampe"

The toxic "mercury bulb"

Many of us push it out: The popular, environmentally and eye-friendly light bulb in September finally die after the will of the EU this year.

The mortality indicator lights for the following types:

  • 100 and 75 watt bulb (clear)

and ALL frosted bulbs,

  • 25 W,
  • 40 W,
  • 60 W,
  • 75 W

Who had ever screwed with him an "energy saving lamp", it will be observed: The life holds not what it promises. This personal experience of many a has now been reviewed by Ökotest in a test series. Conclusion: The life specifications of the lighting manufacturer does not correspond to reality. Supposedly live the "energy saving lamps" namely 12 times longer than a standard bulb. "Wrong," says Ökotest. (more ...)

Ge- "peakt"? - Or is it? Huge gas and oil discoveries in the Mediterranean are conflict

Thursday, 03 February, 2011.

In zeitgeist ( Print as online) multiple abiotic or biotic contributions to the theory of the origin of hydrocarbons (oil, gas, coal) have been published. The aim was to discuss the question of whether we really have to do it with a looming shortage or rather a "threatened" shortage.

Recently, yours truly had tried me and the readers of the article "Are we all hostage of 'Peak Oil'?" ( Part 1 and Part 2 ) and the report: "Secret holes: Run on non-konvenionelles gas in detschland has already begun" to provide an overview of the current state of affairs.

The representatives of the fossil, so the biotic Enststehungsteorie our energy reserves, bring them as one of their main arguments, that it will not succeed for some time to discover truly great oil and gas deposits. The funding will also more complicated and more expensive.

In the linked articles I had already given some examples that this statement is only partly agree: (more ...)

Friede Springer founds 3. Foundation! On the board: Merkel Husband

Thursday, 03 February, 2011.
Merkel-Ehemann im Kuratorium der neuen Springer-Stiftung;Quelle wikimedia commons

Merkel's husband, the Board of Trustees of the new Springer Foundation (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Foundations have two main functions: 1. You are a tax shelter. 2. People buy with their help influence.

Of which are in the home Springer obviously not enough, because Friede Springer founded in addition to the already existing, the heart and the Axel Springer Foundation, one more - the peace Springer Foundation.

( WORLD from 29.1.2011 ): "Berlin (dpa) - publisher Friede Springer has established a foundation for the promotion of science, art, culture and education. The initial capital of Friede Springer Foundation amounts to 80 million euros, as the organization announced on Monday. The money came from the personal assets of the widow of Axel Springer. CEO of the Foundation, based in Berlin is Friede Springer itself. In trustees sit next to her and the former Federal President Horst Köhler and the current Federal Commissioner for the Stasi files, Marianne Stasi Records. The new foundation is independent of the Friede Springer Heart Foundation and the Axel Springer Foundation. "

"Welt am Sonntag : How is the new foundation be structured? And who decides?

Friede Springer: There is a board of trustees, which comprises six personalities: Marianne Birthler, the doctor Manfred Gahr from Dresden, the former Federal President Horst Köhler, Christoph Markschies, Joachim Sauer (hervorg FB.) And Eric Schweitzer by the Executive Board of the ALBA Group. As you can see a wide range, a really highly competent Board of Trustees. It is discussed the proposals. The final decision-making power but I reserve the right, the Board of Trustees in an advisory capacity. The Foundation will be clearly separated from the publisher, it will not be a corporate foundation. It is solely my personal project and completely independent from the publisher. The capital of the Foundation is derived solely from my assets.

World on Sunday: What is the starting capital of your foundation?

Friede Springer: It is 80 million euros. Because foundations may indeed operate only with the returns annually probably two million euros will be available for grants available. "

Thus it is clear that Angela Merkel's husband, Prof. Dr. Joachim Sauer, the board of the Foundation is sitting. (more ...)

Gorch Fock in heavy seas

Monday, January 24, 2011
Die Gorch Fock

The Gorch Fock

If I were a man, I would have maybe its time trying on such a beautiful ship to go - out of sheer adventure and because I love the sea. But I am a wife of 28 days I am at least seven relatively indisposed, let, for example, objects fall, have ever headache and am a little bad temper; Besides, I'm not quite afraid of heights, but the most important:

I let myself by men (or women) reluctant to yell (ie "giving orders"); I still allow myself to men reluctant necessary or force - ("run commands" below); I also like to sleep in and do not want to be tired or unfit chased up a mountain or a rigging; This is also called "training" in the army or the navy - would not have gone.

Also, I would never have believed for months endure with crisp images to the sixty men at the peak of its power on a training ship with even a few other fellow women without freaking out.

In the Navy has always rumors circulated about what the food additives should be added to the ships to get at the engine jam. A Marine grinning once told me years ago some of bromine. If now of alleged sexual offers on the training ship Gorch Fock is the speech, I think that's basically just normal, curious would only have been even its absence. That would have been the proof of bromine in the bun.

It even read the article "For the first time puts women in Navy submarine, a" with the subsequent discussion by ...

And the article " Gorch Fock is considered as a floating brothel "(Express).

On the "Gorch Fock" two cadets have died within the last year. One was overthrown in November last year from the rigging to death, the other three years ago have gone overboard and drowned. These sad events are merkürdigerweise in the media debate is no reason in principle even think about the role of women in the military. Whether it could not be that it was a wrong decision to allow women in all areas of military training? (more ...)

Stuxnet, Siemens and cyber war against Iran

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

For several days makes "Stuxnet" headlines again: The computer worm had seen in the previous year for guesswork. First, it was speculated that he was directed exclusively against Iran's nuclear facilities, then feared that the problem could draw much larger circles.

Reason: Worldwide countless industrial plants (. Eg nuclear reprocessing plants, power plants generally, automotive, industrial manufacturing plants) are equipped with a special control system from Siemens, which runs on the Windows operating system. The evil computer "dragon" is to manipulate able to control and production processes, but at the same time to provide a false-positive feedback that everything was fine, when in fact such. As the centrifuge of a nuclear reprocessing plant just hot ran. Moreover, Stuxnet could go unnoticed steal data and information.

In November last year, tens of thousands of infections were already known. About the authorship of the virus was only rumored. Already on 24.9.2010 the platform had News reported : "Stuxnet was for the 'Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system' from Siemens, which is widely used for the management of water supplies, oil rigs, power plants and other industrial facilities tailored. [...] Once Stuxnet has entered into a computer system, it searches for any of the three Siemens SCADA controllers [Programmable Logic Controllers] (PLCs) that manage functions such as the control of the turbine speed [...] if there was a hit, took over Stuxnet automatic control of the PLC and hid all the changes to the workers who manage the system or work with. "

Since September last year, always as the Hamburg security expert argued Ralph Langner talk with his analysis of the worm attack on its own. reported about on 22.9.2010: "The worm infects the computer with the Siemens software WinCC Scada, was established in July discovered. It can be used to remotely control industrial equipment. He enters through four vulnerabilities in Windows that Microsoft has been closed for two - one in the Windows shell and a Druckerwarteschlangendienst.Bei in his analysis Langner relies also upon a screenshot of a computer in the Bushehr plant, which Siemens running application. 'With the knowledge we have now, it is obvious and provable, that there is a direct sabotage attack with a lot of insider knowledge in Stuxnet', Langner writes on his company's website. The attack is based on a combination of multiple zero-day vulnerabilities and stolen certificates. 'This was created by a highly qualified team of experts who must have special experience with control systems. This is not a hacker sitting in the basement of his parents 'house.' In his view, the resources required for such an attack suggest that the initiator is a nation-state. "

In any case, an amazing discovery because of a photo of one Bushehr screen! Here the offer made ​​by Langner photo. (more ...)

"Heat Ball" - or electrical resistance

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


About the "off" the popular, inexpensive and eye-friendly light bulb according to the will of the EU was at this point already some written . More gratifying is the message that it is now known as a consolation prize "Heat Balls" are. (See also the article. "The light bulb is dead - long live the Heatball" in zeitgeist-issue 30 ). The "hot ball" is not a lamp. But fits into the same socket as the light bulb; it is intended for heating, which is also available separately on it! - Nice to have even in his good because the sunlight spectrum can read similar light it. And without neurotoxic mercury emissions.

The Heatball does not have to waste if he breaks down, you simply return it together. Breaks an energy saving lamp, their remains should be discarded after applying a respirator, the carpet o. Ä., Where the accident happened, must be carefully cut out.

All the more outraged a message to the press (General Anzeiger Bonn, 11 / 12.12.2010), that for weeks 40,000 Heat Balls from China are detained by Customs at Cologne / Bonn Airport (!)! Two engineers from Niederzier they wanted to import to Germany. The Cologne regional government commissioned in the dispute over the heat balls the Association of German Electrical Engineers with a report: Are the Heat Balls Small heaters or light bulbs? (more ...)

Julian Assange, Wikileaks His manifesto "Conspiracy as Governance" in German

Monday, December 13, 2010
Julian Assange in jüngeren Jahren;

Julian Assange in recent years (source: Archived Blog 22.11.2006 v.). "Those eyes. All the pink ribbons of the world they can not hide."

In the current debate about Wikileaks and Assange their boss I do not want to interfere: I have not had time to read thousands of leaked pages. With the current sexual allegations against Wikileaks founder I will not even me deal - which come directly from me in the bin for residual waste. Rather, I wanted to know: Where come from this man, what moves him?

Apart from an initial overview, which can be obtained on the Internet, I found it strange that Assange's Manifesto "Conspiracy as Governance", in German as "conspiracy as a form of government" is not found in German. This document is fundamental to understand the activist-philosophers. She was born in 2006 in two versions, both of which are found on the net. However, it is in principle the same manifesto. "Conspiracy as Governance" (conspiracy as a form of government) and "State and Terrorist Conspiracies" (Terrorist and government conspiracies).

I present an overall version of both texts below on a German. (more ...)

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