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17095 just signed as Nr.: Petition to introduce a financial transaction tax

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The German Bundestag has the opportunity, via online to sign important concerns of citizens we want to support the petition. It is easy to send corresponding links to friend and family, and even easier to agree with a Click, after one has even registered with the Bundestag with a password. Of course, we do so the politicians only one type of grass roots democratic barometer, but at least, we should use this opportunity. For that reason alone, because of the number of supporters of a petition also possible to discern whether there is such a thing as memory about announcements of politicians in the population.

Currently it is discussed that the new government has made ​​no move to take the financial institutions as to the duty to "banks, and this is my main goal will never be able States to blackmail" (Angela Merkel) how did they do that and do that by the taxpayer must be in the billions just for things that he is not responsible and never in his decision-making power.

It's about the idea of ​​justice, because by the control billions to bailout the government debt rose in Germany to 53.5 billion Euros, the German government is also in the amount of 66 billion euros with guarantees for banks straight.

On 5.1.2009, the political inaction was with monitor in the first issue.

Here is the link to join the petition for a financial transaction tax, which would just taxing short-term speculative gains turn adversely stronger than long-term investments. It can not be that we settle for anything but pithy words politicians happy and forget about the fact that no more actions are followed!